Spring Cleaning

on 01.12.2014

Yup, itís that time of year, maybe not Spring time but itís time to do some cleaning. The staff at crazyshit has grown tired of the racist comments. The hard and fast rule of comments is, if you are going to post racist comments, make them funny or entertaining, and they must pertain to the picture or video posted. It is so fucking simple. You donít have to worry about what other people post, just that rule. If you canít do that, then you are going to take a two week vacation. Then if you come back and still canít keep your pie hole shut, banned for life. We donít care if you are VIP or free. We feel the need to clean house, and thatís what we are going to do. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Nice... I’d give you three thumbs up but I can’t get a chubby looking at jays chubby face so I hope two will suffice
posted on: 01-12-14 @ 3:35 PM

So I just went through todays peanut gallery and there is really nothing I can put a funny racist comment to. was that deliberate?
posted on: 01-12-14 @ 4:11 PM

It’s a trap ouch
posted on: 01-12-14 @ 4:22 PM

well i guess we are all fucked the next time a video is posted of some inner city homosapien doing something fucking stupid or beating on an old lady for her food stamp card.
posted on: 01-12-14 @ 5:15 PM

Its times like this when i proudly stand behind my avatar. Its about time jay and the 1 rule you have is simple as fuck i get it. You’re asking these lames to deprogram what they have been taught since birth. To hate thats all they know and have in their hearts... be patient.
posted on: 01-12-14 @ 5:29 PM

Wooohooo! Ban whobe! :)
posted on: 01-12-14 @ 9:08 PM

^God knows its only white people that cause hate and discontent.
posted on: 01-12-14 @ 9:59 PM

I love you guys.... Ah, screw you guys. - Eric Cartman
posted on: 01-12-14 @ 10:30 PM

Jay D.
See Ron, this is where you bone heads are missing the point. If there is a video of some inner city assholes doing something that deserves creative racism, go for it. Just remember then, if some suburban folks are sticking 24 inch black dildos in their ass while drinking white chardonnay in a picture, other people get to point out some creative racism. Notice both examples of "Creative" here. We are seriously sick of the same old shit here.
posted on: 01-13-14 @ 8:25 AM

^^^whobe, he’s black, he gets a free pass. Things will not change. How far do you think you would get with an avatar that said "I hate niggers"??
posted on: 01-13-14 @ 9:52 AM

i didnt miss the point jay i just like skull fucking you. was it good for you? it made me blow a few times!
posted on: 01-13-14 @ 1:35 PM