Busy Schedule

on 01.17.2014

My schedule's been a lil busy lately. I try to make sure I get on here as often as I'm supposed to, but, unfortunately on Monday it didn't work out so. A big shout-out to Adam for getting you guys your daily dose of shit! Anyhow, on to my rant of the day. Actually, two rants. So, if you're in the left lane and you're going exactly the speed-limit, you're an asshole. If you speed up when I get next to you, you're a bigger asshole! If you start honking your horn, yelling and throwing a fit when I cut your dumbass off. I win! Fucking tool! Second rant, if you don't use your blinkers FUCK YOU! I hope you die! Seriously FUCK YOU! Love always, --Henry

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
And if you are doing this while talking on your phone, you need to be shot.
posted on: 01-17-14 @ 2:11 PM

When I am pulling a trailer and some asshole flies around me, pulls in front and then slams on the brakes to exit or turn right in front of me and all without a blinker or anything. Makes me wish I had a tank.
posted on: 01-17-14 @ 5:02 PM

Hey Henry, do you own a cat or a dog? Tell them; maybe they’ll give a fuck.
posted on: 01-17-14 @ 5:32 PM

Worse in NY... (not a pissing contest but the gods truth)
posted on: 01-17-14 @ 9:05 PM

Damn you crackers have a lot of anger no wonder y’all snap so easy and shoot up public schools.
posted on: 01-17-14 @ 9:30 PM

Busy? What the hell do you do besides smoke pot and upload stuff to CrazyShit all day?
posted on: 01-18-14 @ 1:29 AM

i think that there are many a profound truth to be gleaned just by observing the way people drive and drive with each other. if i was an alien watching traffic from a bird’s eye-view, i’d have to surmise that the people who operate automotive vehicles are of two kinds: those who think that they’re going to die; and those who want to die. think about it; because you can say the same for how most people live their lives. there are those who are so scared of death that they forget to live their lives; and there are those who are so scared of life that they chase their own deaths. now that’s some wisdom for yo ass! HD till the world blow! brogod!
posted on: 01-18-14 @ 4:20 AM

fuck the dumb shit’s i’m about to mount fucking artillery on my hood!
posted on: 01-18-14 @ 1:18 PM