I Tried Giving Up Coffee

on 01.20.2014

I had this crazy idea that I should give up coffee. Like my life would be better and I would just be healthier. That lasted until about 5 minutes ago. I can't do it. I'm actually trying to give up all processed foods. I'm starting with the made in factory shit, then going to work down the breads etc. That is going well. I am still keeping beer though. Well, now beer and coffee. I do love coffee. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I used to imbibe in caffeine twenty four seven. Used to have a can of coca-cola in the morning, coffee not long afterwards, power drinks to get me through the day, and a liter of coca-cola before I went to bed. Then I started getting migraines whenever I busted a nut... I've been caffeine free for two years now. I had no problems putting it down.. Now for the meth....
posted on: 01-20-14 @ 5:03 PM

fuck that shit, I aint giving up coffee
posted on: 01-20-14 @ 6:08 PM

coffee and beer; that pretty much sums me up... well, that and ebony teens. and hey, i just saw "ender’s game." i highly encourage you assholes to give it a gander. that movie fucking knocked me on my ass.
posted on: 01-20-14 @ 8:12 PM

^^^12 going on 13.^^^
posted on: 01-21-14 @ 1:13 AM

You’re such a beta.
posted on: 01-21-14 @ 1:19 AM

If you want to stop eating the processed shit Jay get yourself one of those books that describe all of the additives, numbers and colorings and what they do and start reading the ingredients on the packets. You would be amazed at the shit they put in there, and as a rule the less the total number of ingredients the better it is for you.
posted on: 01-21-14 @ 1:34 PM