Describe Crazyshit

on 01.22.2014

As I was working on a project for crazyshit.com, I had to describe it. Even better, I had to read the description I had written about 4 years ago. Oddly enough, the description kinda changed a little bit, but the gist of how I envision CS is still the same. My question to you is, in a sentence or two, how would you describe crazyshit.com? Don't hold back. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Gone down the shitter.
posted on: 01-22-14 @ 1:00 PM

I would describe Crazyshit as a source of some good porn links, a great place for psychotics and the clinically depressed to fuel their disorders, and a wonderful place for intellectuals of all types to comment on each others failures.
posted on: 01-22-14 @ 1:06 PM

I come here mainly for the goat porn or incest vids......I tend to leave disappointed.
posted on: 01-22-14 @ 1:23 PM

Humour mixed with reality stirred up with a good dose of irony.
posted on: 01-22-14 @ 1:35 PM

Clinically fucked up, Mentally unstable, physically abused. Crazy shit is a place some go to see some crazy fucking shit, yet others visit to get off. CS is a friendly community that uses others unfortunate happenings and painful events for their enjoyment. Join CS today!
posted on: 01-22-14 @ 1:38 PM

All things that can not be unseen are posted here; and then we make fun of it.
posted on: 01-22-14 @ 2:06 PM

9 years ago in order to find your site I had to have been searching for either "crazy" or "shit". Enough said.
posted on: 01-22-14 @ 2:09 PM

CrazyShit is like the glue that keeps my underwear stuck to my skin.. Wait... I don't wear underwear...
posted on: 01-22-14 @ 4:00 PM

Driven by schadenfreude
posted on: 01-22-14 @ 5:08 PM

Schadenfreude... What a great word!!!
posted on: 01-22-14 @ 6:44 PM

Great site but to many white racist assholes.
posted on: 01-22-14 @ 7:47 PM

Great site, but too many members without opposing thumbs.
posted on: 01-22-14 @ 10:29 PM

@bigtalk - agreed.
posted on: 01-23-14 @ 2:05 AM

The only place I have seen or read the type of Bigger Pussies was the last place I worked..They were all Teamsters, except there wasn’t ads telling you how to make you dick 4 inches bigger. Management clearly knew what the problem was but needed to "Grow a Pair".
posted on: 01-23-14 @ 2:46 AM

the place where bad jokes go to die. and i’ve buried some real whoppers here in my time. derp swag xD
posted on: 01-23-14 @ 4:18 AM

Oh Shit...I forgot, Its where we all come to minus comment points to troll’s with more than one account who can barely put an ignorant racist sentence together that doesn’t make sense while pretending to be a minority.. not that there’s anything wrong with that but... It couldn’t be management’s fault for letting it comments keeps you coming back and fly’s them around the world on your dollar go on for a coon’s age...threatening or banning them for 2 weeks sure will show them...dysfunctional management has outlined the problem for a long time.. they are to busy spending money from bigger dick ads and VIP subscriptions.. the nigger comments keeps you coming back and fly’s them around the world on your dollar to busy spending money from bigger dick ads and VIP subscriptions..
posted on: 01-23-14 @ 4:31 AM

When I’m pitching CS to a friend my only description I give them is "Think about something fucked up you’ve never seen....there’s at least one video/picture on that there, and then some."
posted on: 01-23-14 @ 8:31 AM