The Description Of Crazyshit

on 01.24.2014

A few days ago, I asked you to describe crazyshit.com, and some of you did. For me, I think the top two are "All things that can not be unseen are posted here; and then we make fun of it." by potrostation and "I would describe Crazyshit as a source of some good porn links, a great place for psychotics and the clinically depressed to fuel their disorders, and a wonderful place for intellectuals of all types to comment on each others failures." by crazyvet. I feel I am in the intellectual part of that last quote, but hey, who am I to say. Big Jeffery brings up a really great point too, "Think about something fucked up you’ve never seen....there’s at least one video/picture on that there, and then some." That is maybe the best way to tell someone about crazyshit, if they are already kinda fucked up. But if you meet a German guy wearing speedos on the beach in Mexico and he asks what you do for work while toasting tequila shots, he may not understand the funny in a beheading video. He may look at you really weird and leave. That's ok, I know those Germans are fucked up too. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
How about "Its pretty much the only place on theplanet I have found people exactly like myself". Able to find humor in pretty much everything the rest of the world don’t. I call it beauty. And some of my friends look forward to the next e-mail from me and my "Beauty" and some wouldn’t give me their E mail address if their life depended on it. Especially after hearing about goatse guy. A friend actually forwarded a beautifull little bit of him shoving both a huge black fist and a dildo far up his ass to a woman I work with...a couple years later she became my bosses boss...lol. The thing is back then she said she liked it...now we don’t talk about it. Bottom line..if there was only one web site I would want it to be Crazy Shit !!! My biggest dream would be wo work for Jay like Adam and Henry but I doubt that will ever happen...
posted on: 01-24-14 @ 5:16 PM

Over the years this place and the people in it have kept me going when I didn’t see the point in going anymore; and at $10 a years it’s way cheaper then professional therapy.
posted on: 01-24-14 @ 7:11 PM

Crazyshit is one of the best sites I've ever been to. It's probably my favorite pass time and I get on usually at least once a day. As Siko666 said, it's probably the only place where I can find people with the same sense of humor such as myself. BEST WEBSITE EVER
posted on: 01-24-14 @ 10:01 PM

consumptionjunction. With porn
posted on: 01-25-14 @ 12:07 AM

CS wouldn’t be the same without biggertalk.
posted on: 01-25-14 @ 2:01 AM

I think hidden-_-evil hit it with the "powered by schadenfreude" quip. It's just fucking perfect.
posted on: 01-25-14 @ 9:20 AM