Been A Long Time

on 02.13.2014

I took a look today to figure out how long I've been working with Jay, and it's been about 4 years. That's a long time considering I was only doing it to have a little cash until I found another job where I could actually put my degree to use. I guess it was pretty easy to get comfortable in a position where watching porn is one of the requirements. It's also nice that I only work just enough to live fairly comfortable, and I do it on my own schedule. At this point I can't even imagine having a real job again. I spent a few years in a corporate cubicle, and regardless of the nice fat paycheck they gave me, I was fucking miserable. Plus, random girls didn't send me pictures of their tits and ass at that job. What a jip. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
job satisfaction is something you can put a price on
posted on: 02-13-14 @ 3:23 PM

posted on: 02-13-14 @ 3:26 PM

You should have been working in that Jap office where the bitches don’t wear pants. You have seen all that flat ass you could stand to see...
posted on: 02-13-14 @ 3:31 PM

So what about the 19yr old with the tits?
posted on: 02-13-14 @ 4:30 PM

It’s not always about the money it’s about happiness.
posted on: 02-13-14 @ 4:48 PM

free tranny porn will be on your job resume from now on i bet!
posted on: 02-13-14 @ 8:36 PM

Hells yeah! I sit here in my awesome dumpy East Cleveland apartment watching monkeys fight from my office window, reading the crap you guys post, drinking, and repairing stuff. It’s comfortable living and I can watch as much porn as I want!
posted on: 02-13-14 @ 9:40 PM

And you’re welcome for the tits I sent you back in December. Should have some crackhead fights to send in once the weather breaks.
posted on: 02-13-14 @ 9:45 PM

Jay love you long time.
posted on: 02-14-14 @ 2:04 AM

OMG, unbelievable, 4 years already? You know what’s more unbelievable than that???? That you actually have a degree.
posted on: 02-14-14 @ 10:25 AM