Weird Popups?

on 02.16.2014

Morbuis669 wrote me yesterday that there was some weird popup ads showing on crazyshit. I wanted to let everyone know that the popunder ad we usually have is actually turned off. If you are getting any kind of popup ad on crazyshit, please take a screen shot and email me, jay@crazyshit.com. That should not be happening. Period. Another service announcement is if you have been banned recently, you are more than likely unbanned. Ta-dah! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
he’s right i had one tonight,when i tried to get rid of it it doubled insize, sorry i have no idea how to take a screan shot
posted on: 02-16-14 @ 4:44 PM

Yes unbanned again alright well that is until next time.
posted on: 02-16-14 @ 5:27 PM

@Volture, if you are on a laptop/desktop you need to look on your keyboard for a button that says "print screen" or "prnt scrn". That is how you take a screen shot. After that you'll need to go to the "paint" program and just "paste" it in the blank white area of the program and you should see a picture of the screenshot you took. Then all you'll have to do is save it
posted on: 02-16-14 @ 5:37 PM

Jay D.
@vulture did you click anything special, or were you just surfing around the site?
posted on: 02-16-14 @ 5:58 PM

The preschool prostitute ring isn’t a legit link to C.S.? LOL
posted on: 02-16-14 @ 8:20 PM

It’s called "ad blocker" you dumbshit.
posted on: 02-17-14 @ 12:42 AM

No popups reported by me using the mobile site with android. Good on you Jay for trying to track down rouge advertisers. Love Crazyshit.
posted on: 02-17-14 @ 2:57 AM

@Jay D. i clicked on a popup to get rid of it
posted on: 02-17-14 @ 6:34 AM

@slapnutsmcgee ...thanks for that i found a button "Prt Sc" i guess thats the same
posted on: 02-17-14 @ 6:35 AM