Fuck Crossfit

on 02.22.2014

Fuck Crossfit. More specifically, fuck the people that do Crossfit. Don't get me wrong, the workouts are good, but for some reason the people that do them just never shut the fuck about it. It's not new and it's not innovative. It's just the latest fitness fad. All that happened was some guy took something that's been around for decades, called strength and conditioning, changed the name and found a bunch of annoying motherfuckers to make a cult of it. Most of these assholes are so concerned about seeing their best time on the board that they do the whole workout half ass anyway. But thanks to them and their trendy diet they constantly preach about, I now know that my toothpaste is gluten free. Wow, I'm real fucking grateful for that. Yeah, sit there and tell me how terrible the bread on my sandwich is while you chug your beers. Why can't these fuckers just do their workout, feel good, and shut the fuck up? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Yes there`s one of these assholes in the forums that goes on about it!
posted on: 02-22-14 @ 3:52 PM

the ones i know that have bought fittness contraptions use them once and then stick them in a spare room to gather dust
posted on: 02-22-14 @ 3:54 PM

Pounding the wife’s arse keeps me fit.
posted on: 02-22-14 @ 4:52 PM

^^^^^she keeps me fit too.
posted on: 02-22-14 @ 5:09 PM

fapping to crazyshit wound pussy keeps me fit
posted on: 02-22-14 @ 5:35 PM

da fuq is dat yo
posted on: 02-23-14 @ 1:01 AM

Crossfit, it is for the elite. Not everyone has the heart, strength or endurance for it. It is definitely not found in your global gyms or your neighborhood walking groups. When paired with the right box and coach it will take you to places that your body never dreamt of going. It is kinda like a cult...you get addicted to that shit. If you haven’t puked during a workout you haven’t lived! Now, carry on eating that bread.
posted on: 02-24-14 @ 1:56 PM