Hey, It's Friday Again!

on 02.28.2014

Yay! So, if there is one thing in this world I hate, it's pedophiles. I have an absolute hatred for anyone that commits crimes against kids. I think those mother-fuckers should be strung-up in public by their genitals and beaten with sticks until dead. I read some news the other day about some dude that raped and killed a 4-month old. The mother of the child called ole dude over to sexually torture her. And by her, I meant the baby. What the fuck? Both of them need to be tortured for a good long time. Like, beaten to within an inch of life everyday and then fed just enough to survive. Rinse and repeat for like a year. Who the fuck finds that appealing? I know 2indastink likes goats and other furry woodland creatures....but what gives? Fucking appalling! Anyways, enjoy your weekend BITCHES. Love always, --Henry M.

Henry M., henrym@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
In Oklahoma, we just passed a law that prevents these useless shitheads from legally changing their names to get closer to kids. The only thing these assholes have going for them is that people don’t know who they are. Put their faces and names on billboards, newspapers, post office, and all over town till everybody knows these creeps and treats them as such.
posted on: 02-28-14 @ 8:56 AM

Test drugs on pedophiles instead of animals.
posted on: 02-28-14 @ 10:00 AM

Someone should put up a bounty for the heads of convicted pedophiles(and I would be more than happy to take the head). I like to think there are more good than bad in the human race. It makes you have doubts when you hear shit like that
posted on: 02-28-14 @ 1:15 PM

im with henry on this one...the problem has always been there , we hear more about it now because a lot more are being tracked down on the internet
posted on: 02-28-14 @ 1:37 PM

I enjoy testing ammunition in ballistics gel to see the performance of certain calibers and bullet designs. This is good but its still not real tissue and bone. I would gladly substitute the gel with a pedophile. I could start with the thigh first. Quickly searing the wound after examination to stop blood loss. We sure could test and record a lot of data on them.
posted on: 02-28-14 @ 1:45 PM

Ward off the evil with an automatic hail of gunfire
posted on: 02-28-14 @ 1:49 PM

Kill em all
posted on: 02-28-14 @ 3:43 PM

posted on: 02-28-14 @ 3:49 PM

Gzus walked into a motel, laid down three nails and said.." Put me up for the night.".
posted on: 02-28-14 @ 4:22 PM

All pedophiles should receive the death Kenneth Pinyan had. Though I don't think they would enjoy it as much as he did.
posted on: 02-28-14 @ 4:23 PM

Owning a gun is illegal here in the uk but I swear if any of my kids got touched up by a pedo I would buy a gun and shoot the cunt. All kiddie fiddlers should be crucified.
posted on: 02-28-14 @ 5:28 PM

same shit different day
posted on: 03-01-14 @ 3:54 AM

in africa its a common belief that sex with a child virgin under 10 will cure aides. fucking primative ass cavemen sell their 5-6 year old little girls and boys virginity to aids infected retards and give their kids a fucking death sentence. yet they think they are our equals in africa.
posted on: 03-01-14 @ 11:31 AM