Did You Celebrate?

on 03.18.2014

Did you go out yesterday and get drunk as fuck off of green beer and see all kinds of drunk fucks wearing green while getting shit-faced? I stayed as far away from that shit as I could. As much as I love drunk sluts, I just can't deal with stupid drunk fucks anymore, and I hate crowds. I guess I'm getting old. Or I'm just not a dumbass anymore. Maybe I'm just boring. I don't know, and I don't really give a fuck. If I want drunk sluts I can always just go pick them off as they're stumbling out of the bar at closing time. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Welcome back Adam we all missed you very little.
posted on: 03-18-14 @ 2:21 PM

its called getting older and growing up.
posted on: 03-18-14 @ 4:24 PM

^im still waiting for that Ron.
posted on: 03-18-14 @ 6:13 PM

it’s called getting older any way.
posted on: 03-18-14 @ 6:28 PM

^ wtf?!?! I'm still waiting... I figure the day I "grow up", will be the day I stop frequenting this site.
posted on: 03-18-14 @ 8:52 PM

I just don't see that happening.
posted on: 03-18-14 @ 8:53 PM

i think immature would be the last word anyone would think to define me as. i’m more impish, fiendish, or if you will, i’m really fucking good at being bad! something about being me at 3 in the am, driving in the fuck-truck, off the shits, no shirt, that thing tucked in my true religions, rubber grip resting on my abs, cold barrel on my cock, wind in my hair, cigarette smoke out my nostrils, bloodshot eyes, an obsolescent rear view mirror- who would dare follow? where angels fear to tread, where it ain’t safe, motel parking lots, seedy hallways, beckoning doors, caveat emptor! "how dreadful is this place..." genesis 28:17 a brogod’s playground is not for the tame of heart. wild steps of heaven, brah... i think that was a villasenor book.
posted on: 03-19-14 @ 4:22 AM

Celebrating what? Being a drunken ginger? You are delirious.
posted on: 03-19-14 @ 4:30 AM