Too Much Mexican

on 03.20.2014

Last night, some buddies and I went out for Mexican which means today I am paying the price. First off, how many pitchers of margaritas is too many? How many tequila shots is too many? Then, how much Mexican food is too much? The simple answer to all those questions is this, I have spent more time in the bathroom shitting that I have done anything else today. I can't even trust a fart right now. I'm sure if I did fart, I would shit my pants. That's not cool. We've all been there, but I don't want to there again. Now I have monkey butt, and a touch of the hangover and all I can do is surf the web on my phone while shitting. --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
"TOO MUCH MEXICAN?" My Puerto rican Wife, my 2 white girlfriends and my right hand say "YOUCAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH MEXICAN."
posted on: 03-20-14 @ 1:55 PM

the other day my wife was dusting the house and the night before we ate the hell outta taco bell. long story short i had a surprise sneeze and farted at the same time and shit my pants while sitting right here doing my crazyshit update comments!!
posted on: 03-20-14 @ 3:18 PM

How the fuck can you eat that greasy shit and drink that awful crap Jay. I thought you had better taste than that!
posted on: 03-20-14 @ 5:30 PM

Jay D.
@ouch come on. You know for a fact I have terrible taste.
posted on: 03-20-14 @ 8:09 PM

^I'd say that's from worn down taste buds... Bud.
posted on: 03-20-14 @ 8:24 PM

@Jay D. Yeah but your still a sexy mother fucker. Crazy Crackers Pow pOw poW!
posted on: 03-20-14 @ 8:55 PM

@iluvkitty rockinron likes beaner dudes too
posted on: 03-21-14 @ 1:42 AM

Fuckin pleb. Try having Indian food/beer and whiskey shits the next day.
posted on: 03-21-14 @ 9:37 AM