White Boy Ballin'

on 03.22.2014

I just started playing basketball recently after not picking up a ball for a few years, and that shit is still plenty of fun. I used to love playing against a bunch of young thugs who could do all kinds of fancy dribbling, but had absolutely no other fundamentals. It's a good feeling to be the only white dude on the court, schooling motherfuckers with some good old fashioned hustle and work ethic. These kids never seem to figure out that playing as a team of five guys will always beat playing five separate games of one-on-one. And no, I can't jump. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
When I was younger and played I used to like to just be part of a good pick up game. Didn't really matter what color the guys were as long as they could play. Your story about you as a white guy schooling the thugs on the court sounds a little corny. There are guys on the some inner city courts that have as much raw talent as any NBA player, and do know how to play the game. You must have been playing some "thugs" in the suburbs.
posted on: 03-22-14 @ 3:56 PM

You still have working knees? Lucky bastard.
posted on: 03-22-14 @ 4:39 PM

white men can’t jump!.......but black men can’t hump!
posted on: 03-22-14 @ 5:09 PM

@potrostation...wait till he hits 50, then he’s fucked!
posted on: 03-22-14 @ 5:51 PM

so...now ya playin with 3 balls?
posted on: 03-22-14 @ 7:20 PM

Fuck basketball. And fuck March madness too. All this hubbub about March madness and nobody says anything about John Philip Sousa. You fucking bastards!!!
posted on: 03-22-14 @ 10:11 PM

adam’s basketball name is white chocolate
posted on: 03-23-14 @ 3:30 AM

LoL while i was reading that i was thinking of the movie white men can’t jump the whole time be carefull the cali guys get ghetto over nothing.
posted on: 03-23-14 @ 3:31 AM

oh and i been coming here for years at least let us poor folks read the forums
posted on: 03-23-14 @ 3:32 AM