Enough Already

on 03.23.2014

I think people really need to stop reproducing. There are way too many on the planet already. And it's always the people that shouldn't be breeding that do it the most. The earth just can't sustain so many assholes fucking it up in every possible way. Eventually its just going to shake us off like the annoying little pests we are and move on. It's just what we deserve. Have a wonderful day. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 03-23-14 @ 4:10 PM

hey mother earth shook off the dinosaurs with no problem and she’ll get rid of us also as soon as she’s done putting up with our shit.
posted on: 03-23-14 @ 4:22 PM

Oh god yes you are so rite.... I’m married 6 years no kids and will probably not have any if just one. only the welfare, poor, staving ,crazy or drug addicts seem to have the most kids.
posted on: 03-23-14 @ 4:42 PM

Hell... I've been saying that for years.
posted on: 03-23-14 @ 5:52 PM

Sucks that the most fucking stupid, ugly and uneducated retards reproduce the most.
posted on: 03-23-14 @ 5:56 PM

Adam, Be careful what you wish for. Your site would be worhless without dumb asses. Think about it.
posted on: 03-23-14 @ 7:12 PM

I feel that birth parents should be held to the same scrutiny that adoptive parents are
posted on: 03-23-14 @ 8:23 PM

Combine Ebola with a strain of common cold virus. Contagious in 15 parts per million. One sneeze could take out a city... Wait.. Is that bad?
posted on: 03-23-14 @ 8:30 PM

posted on: 03-23-14 @ 8:50 PM

It’s always the people who don’t have children who say this stupid shit. Completely biased point of view. If you don’t have any factual data that backs up your theory that this world is overpopulated then sit on it. Last I learned the world had more than enough food that could be made for the world populous.
posted on: 03-23-14 @ 10:19 PM

trailer trash reproduce like crazy unfortunately
posted on: 03-24-14 @ 1:49 AM

@urapnes1701d,I watch on the news where they are introducing bugs into the school kid’s menu so it won’t be such a shock to them in later years to have to eat them to survive. I’d like to see a law passed when you’re on welfare one kid O.K., after the second one you get your tubes tied.
posted on: 03-24-14 @ 3:37 AM

no shittin’, i was posted on street gangs watching this interview of a blood from fruit town brims, and anyway, he’s going on about how he’s attempting to make a better life for hisself (yup, ’hisself’) and to continue and "populate" his family. this moyherfucker said: "i’m just trying to populate my family." which translates into human as- "i’d like to have a big family sometime in the near future." now, urapnes can suck cock and die because, yes, in the malthusian sense, NO, there’s no legitimate threat of overpopulation and it’s concomitant disasters, but in the commonsensical, and common-decency, sense, there’s a very real threat to the general well-being of decent folk and our inalienable right to pursue happiness without being sandbagged by the dregs of society. niggers, spicks, white trash, et al., are all burdens to society. a real foot-drag. if you can’t see that, then go fuck your dead grandmother. :)
posted on: 03-24-14 @ 5:50 AM

You people are messed up. Adam plays the pipes and all the little mice stride right behind him.
posted on: 03-24-14 @ 11:23 PM