Farewell Oderus

on 03.24.2014

Last night as I was getting updates together I came across what I thought was a internet death hoax, of which I normally do not give a shit about. This time though it was of one of my favorite bands, GWAR, singer Dave Brockie. I shrugged it off as the same old bullshit, but as I got into the office I’ve found out it was all true. Rest in peace Dave. You’ve brought me and countless others hours of musical entertainment, and for the ones who’ve made it to a show you’ve shown us how crazy it can get. So whether you’ve returned to the planet of Scumdogia, or went back to rule hell I hope you still kick ass while doing it. - Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
well that sucks! no more throwing shit at the crowd for dave.
posted on: 03-24-14 @ 2:37 PM

GWAR: better than any of the top 40 garbage music of today
posted on: 03-24-14 @ 2:43 PM

Hit me like a truck hitting a slope on a moped. Totally ruined my day. Hopefully crazyshit will lift my spirits. Wait. It will. It always does. Rest in filth Dave. You will be missed.
posted on: 03-24-14 @ 4:06 PM

@frank, even when they weren't doing so good musically! Gads! Ain't that the truth!
posted on: 03-24-14 @ 4:08 PM

@ frankdrebin: and the words to a GWAR song are easier to understand. LOL
posted on: 03-24-14 @ 6:58 PM

Note to self when driving out of work parking lot, and listening to gwar make sure it’s baby raper on volume 11
posted on: 03-24-14 @ 7:09 PM

Make sure it’s not***
posted on: 03-24-14 @ 7:12 PM

posted on: 03-24-14 @ 7:27 PM

^^^This came after you, you geezer
posted on: 03-24-14 @ 8:05 PM

Fuck he wasn't even that old, or fuck were getting old. RIP Oderus
posted on: 03-24-14 @ 8:14 PM

Or baby dead fuck, big Jeff.
posted on: 03-24-14 @ 9:55 PM

posted on: 03-24-14 @ 10:26 PM

Never listened to GWAR, but Beavis and Butthead said they were cool back in 93 so I guess thats OK with me.
posted on: 03-24-14 @ 11:24 PM

posted on: 03-25-14 @ 3:12 AM

posted up with that 30 clip./paint the town red. when i hit you drip./he dropped 1 pint, so i think he’l live./i guess i’ll down a pint, about one point six/that’s a 5th of patron, and that weed’s lit/taking deep hits till common sense’s dismissed./probably need a pope, priest, exorcist./a big crucifix of jesus of nazareth./i resurrect my dick to impale a bitch./put your faith in this, i mean your face in this./i left her face a mess like she need a bib./yeah, she little kid but she like’em big./she sixteen going on twenty six./and for brogod, she’l do twenty dicks/she did all the bros that rep the clique./she said her dad was ron. now, ain’t that a bitch?...
posted on: 03-25-14 @ 6:45 AM