This Shit Hurts

on 03.27.2014

The shitty thing about being physically active all the time is fucking injuries. Sometimes I hurt and I don't even know why. Like right now my shin is all fucking swollen and hurts like a bitch. It's gotta be from training, but I can't remember anything happening to it. Unless some little asshole spider bit me or some shit. Either way, I'm limping around like an old man today. Oh well, it's better than being a fat ass. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I used to fight full contact and the only thing that helped with the bruises pain and shit was Witch Hazel ( I`m assuming you have it there ? ) If you don`t have it let me know and I will find it for you, by the way, as a 30`ish old man you are only going to struggle now against anyone. I thought I was the biggest baddest guy at 22 to 26 years old, the military told me so, my body said No! Fuck!! I sound like a CockInRon.
posted on: 03-27-14 @ 3:49 PM

no dude you still sound like marcodudumbfuckour
posted on: 03-27-14 @ 4:05 PM

Ronfuckface this coming from a guy who pretended to be in the Military and who got the Purple star ! Pffffft sad cunt.....
posted on: 03-27-14 @ 4:10 PM

hey when i was your age I was a SUPERMAN now I’m just a supermess.
posted on: 03-27-14 @ 4:10 PM

Sometimes I beat up my dick too much.
posted on: 03-27-14 @ 4:45 PM

Only one part of your body is in pain? Lucky bastard.
posted on: 03-27-14 @ 6:50 PM

Stop whining like a bitch Adam you soft twat.
posted on: 03-27-14 @ 7:10 PM

So are you calling Jay, Henry and Big Jeff Fat Asses, huh huh huh
posted on: 03-27-14 @ 8:45 PM

Oh Adam.. You're soo in shape!
posted on: 03-27-14 @ 9:12 PM

fukin beta breh
posted on: 03-28-14 @ 1:14 AM

I know the feeling I play football and sprained the living shit out of my ankle and then my family wants to say I’m too old, like you said better than being a fat ass, I’m still gimping though
posted on: 03-28-14 @ 8:38 AM

Now Big Jeff has a chance to catch you and face fuck you. Not that you would run away from that.
posted on: 03-28-14 @ 12:30 PM