Repair Shops Advices

on 03.31.2014

Ok guys as some of you know I work at a auto warranty company, and by doing this job I get to see all the lies and hack jobs out there. I understand people need to make money but it feels so shitty knowing they make it so well off on just lies. Now before your fingers break your keyboards, I know 80% of the warranty companies out there are just as guilty, but the company I work for we bend to every whim to keep the customer happy which is probably why we are doing well. Just looking out for you fellow shitters my main advices I can give is question everything you didnít know was wrong, dealer parts are no better or worse than rebuilt/aftermarket parts, and only go to a dealership shop if its necessary...the later is strongly recommended if you have a german car, that is unless youíre in to the whole getting raped thing. -- Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I fucking LOVE rape.....
posted on: 03-31-14 @ 2:37 PM

Then buy a BMW x5 and take it to a BMW dealer for repairs
posted on: 03-31-14 @ 2:46 PM

^^^^ I can’t afford 5 BMW’s :(
posted on: 03-31-14 @ 3:09 PM

I got raped by a dealer once and took a shop class so to make sure and never give those fucks another penny.
posted on: 03-31-14 @ 5:07 PM

My bmw had a bad battery. Took it to the dealer, and $350 later BOOM new battery. My asshole still feels violated.
posted on: 03-31-14 @ 5:52 PM

I service and repair all my cars & bikes myself. Most people can’t do any basic auto maintenance then moan when the dealerships fuck em!
posted on: 03-31-14 @ 10:03 PM

@eat3beans I’m so sorry you got raped. :(
posted on: 04-01-14 @ 12:48 AM

Fuck that shit. I walk.
posted on: 04-01-14 @ 2:20 AM

i inherited my grandfather’s pick-up truck. only automobile i’v ever had, the only one i’ll ever need. the homies renamed it the fuck-truck. for every 30 miles on that truck represents a piece of ass. on brogod, i done smashed so much pussy in that motherfucker, i’d make the bangbus blush. till them george jetson hovercrafts evolve, i’m in the fuck-truck. doing 80 on the freeway, i and told that bitch to give me top.
posted on: 04-01-14 @ 6:06 AM

I own a 2014 Ram 1500 with a ten year drive train and engine warranty and a 7 year bumper to bumper after market warranty with 4 free oil changes so I’m good for now.
posted on: 04-01-14 @ 9:59 AM

my old bmw was a money pit. $350 just to change the tranny fluid. the damn car had bolts and nuts with speciqal heads on them, and here in the states those tools are exspensive as fuck for those special bolts and nuts. so they know they got you by the nuts for repairs.
posted on: 04-01-14 @ 11:41 AM

My old Mazdaspeed 6 was a fucking pit. 2 2nd gear synchros, 2 bearings, 2 rear axles, 4 wheel brake job, rear diff mounts, tires, 4 tune ups, and a transfer case all totaling about $9800 in 2 years was enough for me. It was stupid fucking fast, and you could hear the Blow off 5 blocks away but the maintenance killed me.
posted on: 04-01-14 @ 11:49 PM