Fuck Taxes!

on 04.15.2014

Fuck taxes! Do I really need to say anything more than that? How bad did you get fucked this year? Isn't it great how this country was founded because the people were sick of paying bullshit taxes and revolted, but now we all just bend over and take it right up the fucking asshole with no lube. I'm real glad my money can go be used to bomb some people so the oil companies can make more money, pay for some lazy jobless degenerate to go on a Wal-Mart shopping spree, or for the cocksuckers in DC to enjoy a million dollar lunch buffet. Fuck you, Uncle Sam, you dirty shitbag. You ain't my fucking uncle. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Why should we PAY TAXES to England? We should be GETTING taxes from our own people. Bend over for some painal people. I'm going to wal mart.
posted on: 04-15-14 @ 4:24 PM

Well said Adam...probably your best rant yet.
posted on: 04-15-14 @ 4:29 PM

Fuck you adam
posted on: 04-15-14 @ 5:36 PM

adam henikel for president!! or how ever you spell that jews name!
posted on: 04-15-14 @ 7:37 PM

And yet in your country you have the power and choice to vote and half of you don’t. You reap what you sow!
posted on: 04-15-14 @ 7:45 PM

Adam H.
Yeah, half of us don’t vote because we know that they don’t actually count our votes. And even if they did, does it really matter which of the two dicks you choose to ass rape you? The result is the same.
posted on: 04-15-14 @ 8:04 PM

It gets better Adam. Thanks to a small amendment to the last farm bill; the IRS can go back farther then 10 years past too collect taxes; and I and my sisters get to pay back taxes our dead dad owes from my tax return for the rest of my life. Good times.
posted on: 04-15-14 @ 8:59 PM

Yeah unfortunately it's something we have to do unless you want to check out of society and live like the Unabomber. Since I'm not down with that, I just bend over and take it like a man.
posted on: 04-15-14 @ 11:23 PM

Adam, you can thank all the free programs for your high tax rate. Get those lazy cocksuckers off of welfare and put their asses to work. Bring back the WPA and make the people work for their money. There’s plenty in this country that needs to be fixed or built. At the same time, cut all foreign aid. Our debt load will drop like a stone.
posted on: 04-15-14 @ 11:54 PM

@potrostation, what farm bill are you talking about? That's Supreme Court battle shit. Sorry for your dad's loss but the law wasn't supposed to ever pass down the burden.
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 12:20 AM

@ eat3beans: It was on talk radio news today.
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 1:09 AM

Never heard of that.
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 3:58 AM

Well said,Adam.
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 4:58 AM

That's what you get when you vote for fucking Marxist commies like obama
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 10:55 AM

George Washington to George bush was 1 trillion dollars in us debt. What's the national debt at now. That dousch of a presidents campaign was all about change now that all we have in our pockets
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 11:51 AM

Dude really? Florida actually has lower taxes then other states,try living in NY were NYC or Brooklyn has more people on public assistance then all of Florida ... But remember why we pay taxes for our armed forces roads and people the really do need public assistance IE war veterans.
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 1:29 PM