Life Ain't Bad

on 04.16.2014

Do you fuckers like your jobs? Or do you just show up, hate your life, and collect a check? Personally, I can't complain. I have tons of freedom and no boss telling me what to do. I mean, there's Jay, but it's hard to think of him as a boss since we've gotten drunk and belligerent together on many occasions. I mean what's the worst that can happen for me in a day at work? I have to look at some disgusting shit and somebody calls me a fag? Whoopity-doo! I may not be swimming in cash, but as long as I can train, go to the beach, and get in some vagina, I'm a happy man. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
most people fate there job, having a job you love doing is a bonus. i drive artics (semi’s to you lot over the pond), i love my job so much if i could marry it i would
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 3:58 PM

bollox......HATE* not fate
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 4:04 PM

So you don’t mind being sexually harassed by Jay and Henry, do you?
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 4:08 PM

i dislike my job but i need it to pay my bills and have a decent life,, real life sucks anyway.
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 4:40 PM

and you have made an error in your post Adam, ""I may not be swimming in cash, but as long as I can train, go to the beach, and get in some D/ICK , I’m a happy man. --Adam""
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 4:43 PM

i was a Rn before my health took a giant shit on me. and i have been a supervisor, a forman, a general manager, and a truck driver. i hated it all except the nurse job. it felt good to give back all i took when i was a biker in my younger days. now i am just a lump on a chair with a whole shit load of time to talk about the story’s of my travels and life. my only job these days is to make up funny shit to say to my grand kids and write funny shit about fucked up folks on crazyshit. not to mention my self hired job of being the unofficial crazyshit news guy on the wics. that is until jay gets tired of my ass.
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 4:49 PM

I dont hate my job but I would rather own a bikini shop in the tropics where I am the fitter and sun lotion applicator. I have a wonderful wife & 3 beautiful Kids who are all now adults & I am raising my 3rd foster child and I am a swinger so I can fuck other people without having to hide it from the misses. So all in all life ain’t to bad.
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 5:34 PM

When I was a kid I was a little shit. Got in to a lot of shit. In my prime I was the shit. Had a lot of expensive shit. Now I’m old and I feel like shit. Keep forgetting shit, but I appreciate what shit I have left.
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 6:52 PM

My job is like a hobby. Double bonus!
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 7:41 PM

I can’t complain about what I do and I do a lot of stuff. Engineering, translations, teaching... an the end of the day I get my cash and my pussy but I remember when shit started out real slow, like waiting on tables and working in movie theaters. I just never gave up and endured those crappy moments cause I knew it would pay off someday
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 8:03 PM

I'm not gonna tell you guys. Nyaaaah...
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 8:11 PM

Self employed, pay a lot of taxes work long hours but answer only to myself. For anyone out there who doesn't like their job. try to get another one. It's your life and if you want to do better for yourself do it. Never be hopeless. Unless your health is bad and you just can't physically get out and hustle.
posted on: 04-16-14 @ 11:06 PM

never heard of that
posted on: 04-17-14 @ 3:03 AM

when i was a kid, i had a dream of me walking through a familiar park around my way, and then i’m walking up a hill toward the baseball fields (fields where i held sway for 3 years; and still hold the all time homerun record.Lol el dorado little league in lancaster, california. ask about me.Lol), and then, all of a sudden, this big, muscular, handsome guy (it’s me, but physically, i don’t recognize him, but i intuitively know that it’s me) walks up to me and hands me his hand, which has the wounds of christ on it, i take it, and then i wake up. that’s been my job heretofore; building myself into that unfamiliar/all too familiar...
posted on: 04-17-14 @ 6:21 AM