BBQ Tips For Ribs

on 04.22.2014

I want to get into BBQ'ing or smoking ribs more often, and wanted to ask the crazyshitters out there for some tips in getting perfect ribs. I do a mean shoulder, and wanted to start to broaden my range of meats that are cooked to absolute perfection. I have a square Brinkman smoker. I only use charcoal and or wood. These are my tools. I did some spare ribs last weekend that were pretty good, but I know I can do better. I also remove the membrane off the back of the ribs and cut out as much as the fat as possible. Let's hear what you like to do. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
look up BBQ pit boys on youtube. there channel name is barbecueweb
posted on: 04-22-14 @ 1:08 PM

I'm not barbecuing dicks'n balls.
posted on: 04-22-14 @ 3:55 PM

BBQ the whole thing together, cut out the fat AFTER they are cooked. Use pecan wood, if you like that type of wood. Mesquite is also great. If all else fails, fuck Adam in the ass again.
posted on: 04-22-14 @ 4:07 PM

’Low and slow’ is fine as most bbq and grilling is to taste or habit... but LEAVE THE FAT ON! It provides more flavor and moistness to the meat.
posted on: 04-22-14 @ 4:11 PM

dont you dare cut that fat off until you are done cooking it or you will ruin it!
posted on: 04-22-14 @ 4:23 PM

fat side up over 225 degree wood fire, use smoke from apple tree wood and mesquite mixed together. use a rub made by master piece called montreal steak. very course season but rub it into the meat hard. be sure to smoke roast it with the fat up that way the juices flow thru the meat. use the same formula for pork loin or round roast. also a good greek rub on ribs works good. always eat it hot or ice cold never warm.
posted on: 04-22-14 @ 5:07 PM

I know this sounds crazy, but I boil them in water with whatever seasoning I like. Most of the time hot sauce, BBQ sauce, the stuff Ron mentions and whatever else sounds good. I boil them for an hour or two, then throw them on the grill to get that BBQ taste. The meat will fall right off the bone. Most tender ribs ever, if you like that sort of thing.
posted on: 04-22-14 @ 6:20 PM

With what you have I would use your charcoal briquettes with hickory wood chips. Mesquite is too strong for pork and will over power it. Try to maintain a temperature of 225 - 240 degrees. Soak the chips in water for 30 min before use. If you don’t have a smoke box, put a good handful of chips in foil fold it over creating a flat pouch, and pierce the foil so the chips will have air to smolder. You want your smoke to be slow and steady instead of billowing. A couple of handfuls of chips throughout the entire cooking time will do. The ribs are done when you grab the slab with a pair of tongs and they start to crack in half from the weight. For pork ribs I prefer a sweet and spicy rub, based with brown sugar. Apply the rub the night before wrap up the ribs and put back in the fridge. Pull them out a 1-2 hours before you are ready to put them on the smoker.
posted on: 04-22-14 @ 6:25 PM

Montreal steak, Ron? What the fuck is wrong with Quebec steaks?
posted on: 04-22-14 @ 6:33 PM

One more tip, always ask a brotha how to BBQ.
posted on: 04-22-14 @ 7:08 PM

dizzypigbbq/ Best seasonings you can buy. I like baby back membrane removed. Rub 24 hrs ahead of time with Dizzy Dust. Smoke for 3 hrs over mesquite and apple at 225. If you like it to fall off the bone wrap them tightly in foil and back into 225 for another hour(smoker or oven). That is a good starter recipe, adjust your times for different tastes. Baby back have less fat on then st louis. so a St louis would benefit from another hour in the smoker to render more. I have gotten away from hickory because it goes from good and smokey to overpowering and nasty. Mesquite is my primary wood and I add apple, peach, pecan etc. depending on the type of meat. Brine (simple brine: 1 part salt, 2 parts sugar)a chicken in apple cider vinegar and smoke over applewood, whole new world of chicken.. Look up Cookshack and go to their forums.
posted on: 04-22-14 @ 7:38 PM

posted on: 04-22-14 @ 7:45 PM

is that trailer park food
posted on: 04-23-14 @ 1:09 AM

we mexicans don’t bbq. goddamn beans always fall through the grill. shit’s fucked up, brah. but on some real shit; i hear the key to good barbecuing is a good sauce to cover up all your mistakes. btw, any ya’ll ever eat a girl out while she’s on the rag?Lol my resume is getting quite beefy. i think i’m ready to run for president of the goddamn milky way fucking galaxy. VOTE FOR PEDRO!!!
posted on: 04-23-14 @ 5:28 AM

Jay D.
@chupamiverga Liked the video. I think next time I’m going to add another hour and a few more beers to the bbq process. @tonyk boiling ribs is just plain crazy! Thanks all!
posted on: 04-23-14 @ 7:02 AM

the simpler the better remove the membranemix salt and pepper together with a little garlic powder and a little cayenne and chili powderif you like sweet ribs Kansas City Style polo brown sugar in it toodepending on how big the slab is I took mine about 250 and I use Applewood or hickorycook them for about 4-5 hours tell the temperature is about 135 then take them off wrap them in foil who little butter and some more rub on them and let him restfor about 30-45 minutes and will be just right! This is coming from a redneck that was born bred and fed smoked meat! Enjoy!
posted on: 04-27-14 @ 3:08 PM

after you done wrap them put them back in the smoker when you let him rest until they get the 160 165I make homemade sauce with tomato paste molasses brown sugar little bit of vinegar and salt pepperadd some water to it till it gets to the consistency that you like then just smother him with itcomes out really goodI have a little smoke house trailer down here in Ocala Florida I'm usually sold out by 2 o'clock
posted on: 04-27-14 @ 3:14 PM