Remember Suicide

on 04.26.2014

It's been a while since I put out a PSA for suicide, but I think it's time to say it again. If you plan on hurting someone, either by stabbing, shooting, or any other method, just kill yourself. Write us a note, and who you want to kill. That way, that person will live with guilt the rest of their lives, and you will be dead. Hell, we might even say you are a hero then. In the news lately, there has been some stabbings in high schools leaving people injured and dead. That really sucks, and my heart goes out to all those families affected. Unfortunately, crazyshit.com is a 18 and over website, so minors should never be here. Someone should get the message out to the teenagers, because they seem to need it most. Die a martyr, not a killer. Don't try and kill as many people in your school, just off yourself. We will thank you for it. This has been a public service announcement from crazyshit.com --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
now some people will start blaming video games, internet sites etc etc for this sort of idiocy, what video games did adolf hitler, stalin etc etc play for their genocidal tendencies?(none).
posted on: 04-26-14 @ 2:54 PM

according to sources from wikipedia, these sort of things happed way before the invention of internet, television and radio. first documented incident was during 18th century (November 2, 1853), en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_attacks_related_to_secondary_schools
posted on: 04-26-14 @ 3:11 PM

I see your point Jay. But don’t you wish(like me) that Kurt Cobain had shot Corney Love fist?
posted on: 04-26-14 @ 3:13 PM

Or Courtney coulda killed herself instead of killing Kurt.
posted on: 04-26-14 @ 3:26 PM

Jay, that wonderful.
posted on: 04-26-14 @ 4:35 PM

Jay D.
@potrostation Maybe we can call that the Courtney clause. but like @rollin-fatties said, she should have killed herself. Every time one of her songs play, it’s like a child dies.
posted on: 04-26-14 @ 5:03 PM

It’s too bad for shit like that. This world ain’t getting any better these days. Smh
posted on: 04-26-14 @ 5:36 PM

Fuck you jay!!
posted on: 04-26-14 @ 7:19 PM

cowards commit suicide. super moronic fucktard cowards kill someone before they off themselves.
posted on: 04-26-14 @ 8:43 PM

I fucking hate eeyore's birthday party.
posted on: 04-26-14 @ 10:20 PM

@sexwithyourmom we will thank you
posted on: 04-27-14 @ 3:58 AM

That school stabbing wasn't too far away from me about a 20 min drive, at least the kid used a knife so the gun ban crowd can't rally the moron Democrats to try to strip our rights away again... and the little shit bag proved the point you don't need a gun to do those psychotic things.. all you need is a determined,deranged dumbass and a household item...ban THAT you motherfuckers! N.R.A. for life bitches!
posted on: 04-27-14 @ 10:26 AM