Skunk On Dog

on 04.27.2014

Back in November, my dog got sprayed by a skunk. I washed him with all sorts of shit to get the smell out, and he doesn't stink when he is dry. Only when he gets a bath or wet, he fucking stinks to holy hell. My question is how much longer will this dam skunk smell last? I do wash him with the skunk soap at bath time, but it doesn't seem to help. Also, sorry for the late updates. It was family fun day. I know you understand! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Get a big assed can of tomato juice and wash him with that. It works....I’ve had to do that, too.
posted on: 04-27-14 @ 5:19 PM

take deeper breaths the smell will go quicker...ignore that it only works on farts
posted on: 04-27-14 @ 5:28 PM

Hey bro, try Lemon Joy dish detergent. I've got 2 boxers and bathe em 2 days in a row, use the shit out of the detergent and alls good. Stay crazy fuckers!!!!
posted on: 04-27-14 @ 6:13 PM

posted on: 04-27-14 @ 6:29 PM

I made the mistake of photographing a skunk, once, but the flash went off. It took a few giant sized cans of tomato juice to allow me to be in civilization again
posted on: 04-27-14 @ 6:35 PM

fuck you where’s the W.I.C.S.? on a lighter note use dawn dish soap with oxy grease remover. its in a grey bottle. that shit will take the stains and smell outta an asian moped crash!
posted on: 04-27-14 @ 6:59 PM

.....and I was worried about you guy’s?????......Then to find-out it was Family time! "Jay, you can do what you want on your own time! When I’m waiting for vid’s and pic’s and C.O.T.W. that becomes OUR-TIME!" "I’ll give-up my stance if yous’ guy’s bring back Whobe and Kermitt! Other-wise I wont worry, I’ll just not give a FLIING FUCK!"
posted on: 04-27-14 @ 7:50 PM

Jay just take him to the vet to be chemically washed.
posted on: 04-27-14 @ 8:18 PM

You’re not putting enough peanut butter on your Cock and Ball’s...
posted on: 04-27-14 @ 9:15 PM

I’d say use "Summers Eve". If it strong enough to clean a snatch, then its definitely strong enough for your dog!
posted on: 04-27-14 @ 10:19 PM

A buddy of mine swears by baby shampoo and lemon juice for his dogs.
posted on: 04-27-14 @ 10:56 PM

Whobe's gone???
posted on: 04-27-14 @ 11:51 PM

Cory H.
I've always used the no scent soap for hunters. Takes a few days though. Skunk spray is bad shit.
posted on: 04-28-14 @ 1:30 AM

Use a solution of baking soda,and dawn dish detergent. Make it in a paste and rub it all over the dog. Let sit for a few minutes and then rinse it off. Takes all the smell out and stops the irritation of the dogs skin and eyes. I use this on my hounds when they decide to chase a skunk. Works everytime.
posted on: 04-28-14 @ 12:15 PM