Botched Death Penalty

on 04.30.2014

You read the news about the botched death penalty by lethal injection that left a convicted criminal in pain for 40 minutes? Clayton Lockett was convicted of first-degree murder, rape, kidnapping and robbery. The victim was a 19 year old woman, that was buried alive to die. Maybe I am ignorant on this one, but I think this could have been the best execution yet by our government. So fucking what the guy had to suffer. That woman had to suffer while she was dying. A eye for a eye, and a tooth for a tooth, that's what the fuck we need. If you are with out a doubt convicted of a terrible crime like this guy was you deserve to suffer for years. Fuck niceness of society. --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Punishing drunk drivers that killed someone would look like Monday Night Rehabilitation from Idiocracy.
posted on: 04-30-14 @ 3:18 PM

the only thing wrong with that execution was that it wasn’t public , so everyone could clap and cheer!!
posted on: 04-30-14 @ 3:35 PM

Fuck you adam...I mean jay!!
posted on: 04-30-14 @ 3:53 PM

With you 100% Jay... Let them suffer. The punishment should fit the crime. Mirrored actually...
posted on: 04-30-14 @ 4:02 PM

Fuck criminals...you kidnap, rape and murder somebody and everyone is gonna cry because the murderer didn’t get a quick, painless death? Let the victims family have a few hours with the animal responsible for the crime and see how justice should really be served!
posted on: 04-30-14 @ 4:10 PM

maybe it wasn’t an accident
posted on: 04-30-14 @ 4:18 PM

as someone from oklahoma i say hell yea do the other guy bring back public hangins its cheap and you can recycle the rope and do it all over again
posted on: 04-30-14 @ 4:30 PM

he suffered in pain for 40mins, thats disgusting...it should have been much longer
posted on: 04-30-14 @ 5:15 PM

^40 yrs.
posted on: 04-30-14 @ 5:37 PM

I only wish we had the death penalty. Fuck em let murderers suffer and all paedophiles.
posted on: 04-30-14 @ 5:54 PM

Cory H.
Prior to the lethal injection, this should have happened to him:sandrarose/2014/04/man-who-raped-killed-1-year-old -stepson-was-himself-raped-in-prison-graphic-image s/
posted on: 04-30-14 @ 6:25 PM

I say we use death row inmates as crash test dummies.
posted on: 04-30-14 @ 6:50 PM

who cares , i hope he was anxiety ridden and suffering badly in pain, read what he did to his victims, he lost any rights a long time back, hes one of the minority who has no respect, hes not a problem anymore , good riddance !!!!!!!!!
posted on: 04-30-14 @ 8:48 PM

Ding!@ Cory.
posted on: 04-30-14 @ 10:46 PM

@Cory H. this some real deserved suffering he had
posted on: 05-01-14 @ 3:39 AM

I say bring back the guillotine like they have in France back in 70’s
posted on: 05-01-14 @ 5:01 AM

posted on: 05-01-14 @ 5:32 AM

lethal injection, huh? well, at least he died in vein. fuck’em; the whole wretched lot. bog blast the heathen.
posted on: 05-01-14 @ 6:27 AM

Give him cement shoes and find a deep lake.
posted on: 05-01-14 @ 7:00 AM

What's everyone crying for? In the good ol days, we would have hung him for being black.
posted on: 05-01-14 @ 9:15 AM