Decisions, Decisions

on 05.03.2014

You're out having a good time drinking beers, hanging out with friends and chatting up some ladies. The cigarette-smoking chick with big tits and a very sub-par body is a sure thing and claims to give a wonderful blowjob. The much, much cuter girl with a big, round, firm ass on her compact little body is maybe a 50/50 shot. Your lodging is a few minute walk from the party and it's time to make your decision. Do you settle for the sure thing or take your chances with the attractive one, who happens to give a pretty great blowjob herself, but you don't know that yet. What's it gonna be, hotshot? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
You double down! You ruffy both and take um to the hotties house so they don’t know where you live.
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 11:53 AM

I’d get my gun out and fuck them both.
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 12:12 PM

Take the transvestite, it's a sure deal
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 12:58 PM

The worst blow job I ever had was great!!! either way you can't go wrong
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 1:43 PM

Take the gamble. Try for the hottie. The "sure thing" can always happen. Although, I hate condoms, and I love blowjobs. It's a tough choice. I'd have to see how hot the hot one is, and how sub-par the other is.
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 2:02 PM

You always go for the hotter one and if she can’t suck dick then you fuck her face.
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 2:06 PM

You know all there is to know about the crying game.
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 2:57 PM

Go for the hottie! The only sure thing in your little quiz is yourself! And then the sure thing is only a MAYBE! In the minutes it takes to make it to your lodging you could fall due to your drunken stupor and strain BOTH wrists! Then what are you going to do? Hmmm?
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 3:06 PM

Go for the hot one. If she’s drunk enough to go out the door with you she’s more like an 80% chance, and honestly how often do you have a chance to get premium poon? If she declines, the sub-par one is still there. She probably has low enough standards to not mind that she’s your second choice.
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 3:14 PM

go for the sure fire hotty but dont take her home or your gaff will stink of smoke for weeks
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 3:49 PM

drop back ten yards and punt! save yourself the misery of the crabs and clap your gonna get from the bar sluts and head for the beach!
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 4:04 PM

I'd get the hot girl's number, tell her I need to leave the party so I can get up early to help my mother in the morning. Then I would sneek the other slut out the door with me and take her back to my room. The next day after "helping mom" I'd call the top shelf girl and ask her to dinner and take it from there.
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 5:32 PM

Go for the hot one. If that Dosen't work out, you can always rob someone.
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 6:25 PM

Geez... How many of us just go for the hot one.... Whatever the consequences..
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 6:35 PM

Tell them both to fuck off and have another gin.
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 8:15 PM

You're quite the gent, Gent. +1!
posted on: 05-03-14 @ 8:40 PM

are you hitting on me
posted on: 05-04-14 @ 1:50 AM

knowing Adam, he probably was walking out with one of the girls, then saw the bouncer....and left with the bouncer. Now Adam is known for good blowjobs too.
posted on: 05-05-14 @ 10:26 AM