That's Now How It Works

on 05.04.2014

Here's something I don't quite understand, but happens all the time. Some guys out there think that when there is a video or picture of some slut posted on the site, that they can reply to the post and somehow the slut magically gets their message. What really happens is I get an email with the title of the post, saying how sexy I am or asking if I will send them some more pictures of me. Are you guys really that stupid? Get on some find a fuck buddy site or find a webcam whore or something. You're not going to get laid because of Crazyshit. I am, but you're not. Unless some of you forum dwellers have hooked up and cum all over each other. Has that happened? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I can’t believe that happens! Adam can you tell us who’s done this??
posted on: 05-04-14 @ 4:33 PM

so Adam your getting laid for free but as a perk of the job it has a value and it is therefore taxable so i do hope your declaring all this on your tax return
posted on: 05-04-14 @ 4:49 PM

yup, i cum all over my self nightly. but then again that don’t count....does it?
posted on: 05-04-14 @ 5:08 PM

So Adam...which line on a 1040 form do you declare a cock in your ass as income?
posted on: 05-04-14 @ 5:10 PM

Adams just mad cause he wants boys only to respond sexually
posted on: 05-04-14 @ 5:14 PM

I blame windows 8. The Mc Donald’s cash register of O.S.You point a picture of what you want and presto you’re there.
posted on: 05-04-14 @ 5:38 PM

To answer your question, yes some of these guys are really that stupid. Scary huh?
posted on: 05-04-14 @ 6:08 PM

They just all want you Adam.
posted on: 05-04-14 @ 7:49 PM

I can’t say I’m surprised about this, in all seriousness. I’ve seen some shit on the internet - particularly lately - that just blows my mind - and lets me know, without question, why it is that people continue trying the "Nigerian Prince" scam on others and all that other shit - because there are still many, many, many people out there who will fall for it. My house phone has been getting hit by that stupid "turn your computer on, you have a virus, I’ll tell you what to do" scam, and I can only imagine the number of elderly/computer illiterate people out there getting suckered into that shit. You can hear in the background that it’s like a full arena of people making calls, pulling the same shit - so you know it’s successful. Sad, but true.
posted on: 05-04-14 @ 8:04 PM

Fuck you jay! I mean Adam!!!
posted on: 05-04-14 @ 8:45 PM

i hooked up with hidden evil once, it was awful
posted on: 05-05-14 @ 4:30 AM

Almost, but my laptop broke and I couldn’t set anything up:(.
posted on: 05-05-14 @ 5:44 AM

you know something? i’ve never been on the forums featured on this site. just went there and was denied access based upon some ’vip’ business. i feel like the ugly girl in a queue for some hotshot club and some big, buck bouncer looks at me and shakes his head. ugly girls, that’s the way to go, though. ugly girls need love. they out there and panting for some dick. all you assholes are probably ugly too. no one should go without pussy and dick in this fucked up life. at the very least, we should all be able to run through some shit on a regular basis. they out there, man, you just have to lower your standards a bit. i look at it like this: you can broaden your horizons just as efficiently going low as you can going high. broad is broad. i’m not brogod HD for nothing.
posted on: 05-05-14 @ 6:17 AM

Jay D.
i hooked up with biggertalk once, it was awful
posted on: 05-05-14 @ 8:17 AM

I would say thats coming out the closet ^ but you were never in one to begin with
posted on: 05-05-14 @ 1:32 PM

@handsomedevil That’s ok. We don’t want you in there anyway.
posted on: 05-06-14 @ 9:05 AM