Happy American Drinking Day

on 05.05.2014

Itís Cinco de Drinko guys, and time to get extra wasted for a holiday. Which Iíve always wondered about our holidays. Name me one that isnít associated with drinking. I have been hard pressed to find one, but maybe thereís a reason for it. Do we drink because in-laws and family we hate are around us, or do we drink because we don't have to work we try to fit a weekends worth of drinking into one event. Which ever you drink for, today do it in excess and stay safe shitters. Donít do anything dumb, and if you do make sure a camera is around and not shot vertically. -Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Sorry Jeff but thats not "our" holiday... its not even a holiday...
posted on: 05-05-14 @ 1:24 PM

I understand it’s not a real holiday but most Americans consider it a day to drink and shit.
posted on: 05-05-14 @ 1:30 PM

its Mayday bank holiday here...yes i know it was may 1st last week but this way we get a 3 day weekend
posted on: 05-05-14 @ 1:41 PM

fuck it any holiday that includes drinking is a good holiday!
posted on: 05-05-14 @ 3:41 PM

Every day is happy drinking day here in the states!
posted on: 05-05-14 @ 5:21 PM

You are all a bunch of pissed fat cunts! Come to Australia you will fit right in
posted on: 05-05-14 @ 6:33 PM

^stay one step ahead of the law.
posted on: 05-05-14 @ 8:28 PM

"most Americans consider it a day to drink and shit",no they don’t.cinco-de-myo is a mexican holiday it is supose to be their independence day,yea alot of good that did them.
posted on: 05-05-14 @ 11:19 PM

happy 6 of may
posted on: 05-06-14 @ 2:59 AM

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posted on: 05-06-14 @ 6:31 AM

posted on: 05-07-14 @ 12:53 AM