Do You Do What You Love?

on 05.14.2014

Here's a question for you, do you do what you love? I mean, do you work at some dead end job, but you love every minute of it? If you got hit by a bus today, would you have any regrets the last few minutes of your fleeting life? I think I would. I want to do so many things. For one thing, I would love to draw every day. Just cartoons, and wack ass shit. Maybe they would make sense, and maybe they wouldn't. Maybe they would be of dicks and vaginas. Who knows, but I love to doodle. Would I want to do that for the rest of my life? I'm not sure. I have plenty of times in my life done shit I love until I started to dread it. But what about you, you living the dream? --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 05-14-14 @ 3:08 PM

Fuck you jay!
posted on: 05-14-14 @ 3:51 PM

No. I'm not. I'm not trolling wannabe pornstars.
posted on: 05-14-14 @ 3:58 PM

i been to places most people can’t even dream of. i have traveled farther than columbus himself. met people from all walks of life. i been up mt.rainier, down to the bottom of mammoth cave. deep sea fished for shark on 2 oceans.killed everything you can hunt in north america except bear moose and caribou. travelled 3 continents and countless countrys. i been married twice raised 2 kids by myself for 7 years. and in my 40’s started raiseing a 3rd. i have drag raced circle track raced and atv raced. i been shot twice stabbed once and lived thru cancer, 8 heart attacks, a tracheostomy . 3 major motorcycle accident and 2 major car crashes. i been to a nudist colony and been in 3 orgys. i have owned several house’s and multiple cars. from junkers to a jag once. i lived thru sturgis 87 and smoked a joint back stage with bob seger. shook the hand of 5 presidents. and now life is coming short for me. will i have any regrets? was there something i ddnt do? the answer is yes i regret that i buried my fathers ashes with my own 2 hands. i regret that my political career is about to end, i will probably regret telling you people on crazy shit that last sentence. but i did have a great life and i didnt leave a stone unturned. i promised my dad before he left this shitty world that i would make the best of my life and i did. but its in all of our nature to want more before we die, so i guess my regret will be that i can’t live longer to do it all again. as the late jim morrison once said, "no one here gets out alive" being human has a 100% fatality rate. so maybe you folks that haven’t been serious about your bucket list may want to start working on it. so your life don’t end in regret. with that all being said ...FUCK YOU.
posted on: 05-14-14 @ 6:11 PM

*smoked with seger at speedway jam 84 not sturgis 87.
posted on: 05-14-14 @ 6:32 PM

" If you got hit by a bus today, would you have any regrets the last few minutes of your fleeting life? " After all the years of car and bike, street, drag and off off road racing only to die by bus. I would haunt that bus driver till the day he died and then kick his ass.
posted on: 05-14-14 @ 7:03 PM

@potrostation now thats a different story!! if we can haunt mother fuckers then i wanna go now there’s some serious shit i’d like to do as a ghost! it would be fun as fuck for the 1st 1000 years
posted on: 05-14-14 @ 7:23 PM

Jay it could be worse......you could live in Syria! Lol
posted on: 05-14-14 @ 8:22 PM

sorta, I stopped working at 45, living on SSI disability. sorta like being retired, just didn’t have to wait til 65.
posted on: 05-14-14 @ 9:17 PM

I’m a Sterile Tech in a big hospital and I love it. The only thing I can think of that would be better is one like Adams at Crazy Shit !!!!
posted on: 05-14-14 @ 9:35 PM

I have a bunch of rentals so that lets me fuck off and do what I want to do.
posted on: 05-14-14 @ 10:19 PM

Traffic control. I piss people off all day and try not to get run over by gooks, While I read the comments on crazyshit. Ron u da man.
posted on: 05-15-14 @ 12:45 AM

Cory H.
Of course I do.
posted on: 05-15-14 @ 3:48 AM

"I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit." ecclesiastes 1:14 you know what buddhist monks do in an act of deference to the pointlessness of it all? they labor for months on end creating a beautiful mosaic made out of colored pebbles. they go through all this tedious and intricate work to turn out this beautiful piece of art, and then when the piece is finally finished, an old monk walks by the piece, and with one movement of his hand, he destroys the work in a sweeping gesture. it’s all for naught. and lol @ ron. fuckboy claims to be the dos equis spokesman, and what has it amounted to? a daily religious devotion to lame commentary on this site. call me a cynic, but i call bullshit! i don’t always swallow shit, but when i do, it’s out a teenage slut’s tender ass.
posted on: 05-15-14 @ 5:12 AM

@handsomedevil sorry dude its all true and i didnt even mention the jobs i have had. and your absolutely right dude its all for nothing. evryone wants to know the secret to life. well folks i found it , but the answer is so sad that most if not all of you would even believe it. you wanna know?.......we are here for 1 thing and one thing only. to breed and pass our gene’s onto the next generation, and thats it! there is no other reason to live. kinda fucked up isn’t it. but yah dude i’m for real. and the reason i’m here at CS everyday is simply because i’m 100% disabled now and only do 3 things. my elected position, my son, and crazyshit. and very soon it will only be 2 things.
posted on: 05-15-14 @ 4:49 PM

@rankinron you forgot your alleged war hero stories buddy!
posted on: 05-16-14 @ 12:12 PM

did my duty nothing to say
posted on: 05-16-14 @ 1:00 PM