Birthday Party Time

on 05.16.2014

This weekend is the official birthday weekend for my girl. She has 8 friends here at the house, and they have started drinking at 10 am. There looks to be no signs of the drinking stopping until Monday morning. Iíve been to the airport 4 times in the last 10 hours, and 3 trips to the liquor store. Iím not complaining though. They for the most part leave me alone. They keep the kid busy, and well, I get to sit on the porch, drink beer, and do programming on CS. Thatís a decent trade off. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
First question: Are these said "friends" of hers good looking in anyway? If so than more alcohol should be applied, may lead to more fun after said "kid" goes to bed. Hint, hint, Wink wink.. If the answer is no, Then more alcohol should be applied, Get them to pass out earlier, and you can have your way with the Old Lady, Alone. P.S. get lots of Alka seltzer, they’re gonna need it. Works wonders.
posted on: 05-16-14 @ 5:09 PM

Don't forget to post the pictures of them past out, jay you perv.
posted on: 05-16-14 @ 5:29 PM

Jay D.
@goodster not good looking, or I would have said, my girl’s hot friends! :) @notyourkind That’s the way I see it. @kanada I did, it’s the Mommy Boobies post from today.
posted on: 05-16-14 @ 5:47 PM

^option two it is.
posted on: 05-16-14 @ 6:16 PM

Cool, thanks jay. Let us know how the weekend goes. And for the rest of you fuckin FREAKS, have a great weekend.
posted on: 05-16-14 @ 7:09 PM

Not good looking new trim? ... Yeh sure... Count me in.
posted on: 05-16-14 @ 7:13 PM

@goodster: 18to 28 is the average window for "hot"; 30 max. So no.Good looking,sexy,beautiful, pretty, all the other things you say to her to get laid. Hot is in the rear view mirror. Jay like the rest of us married men of of years. Is wise enough not to put candles on the wife’s birthday cake(any more) even approaching 30yo; total abort mission if she’s over 30. One, the smoke alarm will go off second, he likes sleeping in our own beds.
posted on: 05-16-14 @ 7:37 PM

Jay out of all those women their must be at least one you’d nut bust over! Some of my wife’s friends are fugly but I’d still fuck em in the back box.
posted on: 05-16-14 @ 11:01 PM

i hear your song now, but wait until around 11 pm saturday night!! you’ll be the main entertainment in your spandex undies getting bills crammed down the front while doing pole swings and twirls!! have fun you lucky bastard and remember, even if the wife says its ok to pork them or get blown by one, always dump your load in your wife it’ll make her feel like the queen of the harem.
posted on: 05-17-14 @ 8:20 PM