Happy Memorial Day

on 05.26.2014

Whatís up shitters its Memorial Day today, and Iím sure youíre enjoying the day off. Probably with a nice barbequed piece of meat and a nice cold beverage, most likely alcoholic. While enjoying those you need to keep those who gave their lives for us to do such as freely as we do on your mind. While you might not agree with our current wars, and question the validity of the defending our freedoms part you still need to be thankful they were willing to do the job nobody wanted to do. Thank you to all the fallen soldiers throughout the years, youíre not forgotten. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Jay D.
Thank you to all the Vets and currently serving Service Members out there. You all are our heroes, and we love and respect you all so much. We’d love to give each and everyone of you a greasy reach around if we could!
posted on: 05-26-14 @ 12:29 PM

We have ours in November, but respect to all the fallen from the U.K.
posted on: 05-26-14 @ 12:30 PM

Lest we forget.
posted on: 05-26-14 @ 1:33 PM

How bout a fuckin tee shirt? I'll prove my veteran status.
posted on: 05-26-14 @ 2:04 PM

Crazyshit has t-shirts?
posted on: 05-26-14 @ 4:20 PM

thats ok jay, you can just buy me a blow job.
posted on: 05-26-14 @ 4:47 PM

While watching Memorial day car commercials, It occurred that we buy cars from Germany, Japan & Korea
posted on: 05-26-14 @ 4:54 PM

To all the men and women that served for our country,, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVIECE!
posted on: 05-26-14 @ 7:42 PM

This "OUCH" is what it means to respect those who served for you in your place to take on all challengers and kicked ass so you can spout off about how much you hate guns!!! QUESTION????? Have You ever shot a gun???? NO,,REALY,,Have you??? OUCH,,,One Question YES OR NO?????????????? ??? ?????
posted on: 05-26-14 @ 7:47 PM

Thanks everyone(you know who you are)... I've shot plenty of guns... I still prefer blades though.
posted on: 05-26-14 @ 9:26 PM

Having a memorial for the WICS...
posted on: 05-27-14 @ 2:12 AM

Ouch is just jealous he never got to hold a gun,the only thing that makes him feel like a man is to jerk off all over his sister.
posted on: 05-27-14 @ 2:34 AM

yo i dont get down wit dat
posted on: 05-27-14 @ 6:29 AM

@goodster big difference between our military using weapons and people walking down the street carrying just any type of firearm. I've never heard of any person in favor of gun control talk about disarming our military.
posted on: 05-27-14 @ 10:29 AM

I'm not in favor of people carrying guns around myself because I think that they sometimes give pussy hearted people confidence to put themselves in hostile situations that they might not otherwise put themselves into if they were unarmed. As far as in your own home I could give a shit less have as many guns as you want, because then the gun owner isn't putting complete strangers at risk of an itchy, cocky, or errant trigger finger.
posted on: 05-27-14 @ 10:35 AM

@goodster Actually I am firearms accredited and have a hit/kill ratio of 99.8%, Having served my country in active duty I have witnessed many disturbing events, one of which was to see a colleagues KIA 15 metres in front of me by a child with a gun. Sadly I ended up having to take the life of another human that day. So you might want to know something about me before spouting off your bullshit
posted on: 05-27-14 @ 10:54 PM