AM Fire Drill

on 05.28.2014

Thereís nothing like a 2 am fire drill to really set the mood for your next day. Last night around 2, the dam things went off. As I run out of the room, I realize I need my glasses, so I have to run back and get them. Then itís down the stairs to see what is burning. Nothing. To the basement. Nothing. No carbon monoxide alerts either. After a couple minutes of the alarms going off, and scaring the shit out of the kid, and dog. I finally found one of the detectors to be faulting out. Doing the only rational thing, I unplugged it to turn the fucking alarms off. I did realize one thing, our dog will never make it out of a fire. He went upstairs and hid under our bed. We will miss him if there is a fire. --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I got nothing but first
posted on: 05-28-14 @ 1:46 PM

^^^ you have got something...a -1
posted on: 05-28-14 @ 2:36 PM

Those things never work right... They always go off when I cook.
posted on: 05-28-14 @ 3:03 PM

At least a false alarm is better than an actual fire! Little asian elves come into my house at night and steal my iron.
posted on: 05-28-14 @ 3:47 PM

smoke alarms run by household power, should be replaced by battery operated ones
posted on: 05-28-14 @ 6:14 PM

Jay D.
@matv any particular reason?
posted on: 05-28-14 @ 9:10 PM

jay how about lightening strikes the house and kills the fuse box and starts a small fire. good enough reason for batterys in mine.
posted on: 05-29-14 @ 12:23 AM