Could You Esplain Dis

on 06.03.2014

Seeing the news about Justin Bieber and the video of him telling a joke about a nigger(s) got me to thinking, what would you do if somehow you became powerful, rich, and or famous. Then some asshole decides to show the world you were fucked up at a party, or even a post you made here at CS, where you made some offhand joke. Would you try to make an excuse? What or how do you think you would handle it? I would have to say, sorry folks. I can't apologize. Am I racist? Sexist? Bigot? Nope, none of those. But I do love a good joke, even if it's not politically acceptable. Actually, the worse the joke, the better the laugh you get from me. And if I were president, I would tell the people of the US that if you want to waste your time worrying about some jokes I thought were awesome, go for it. But you have me for four years, and I got some asses to kick and chew bubble gum. And I'm all out of bubble gum. --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Me, i’de just say i don’t believe in all this PC bulshit. if you can’t take or like a joke tough. Now i’ve explained that can you explain to Big Jeff how to post the "leave a comment" button at the end of his daily blog
posted on: 06-03-14 @ 1:18 PM

I would keep to myself, like I do now. I would just be living a lot better. also I would give as much as 90% to charity.
posted on: 06-03-14 @ 2:28 PM

Nope!!!! You get me how I am! I learned long ago, You don’t say sorry unless you really mean it.
posted on: 06-03-14 @ 2:31 PM

If it's funny it's not a crime
posted on: 06-03-14 @ 3:23 PM

good thing my good old friend jay can completely wipe out my existence at crazyshit if someone i knew found out who rockinron really was. things are going good though jay so i won’t be making that phone call or sending that e-mail anytime in the near future. but that could all change real fast so keep your finger on the eraser. no need for both of us to be dragged thru the evening news.
posted on: 06-03-14 @ 3:48 PM

I agree with you JD. However, it's a lil' pathetic how MUCH people/Americans CARE about the (daily) lives of TWEEN popstars... Ugh. He IS cute though, I cannot lie... He'd make a DELICIOUS lil' desert for me... Mmmm... Hey! He's of age-group it's ALLLLL good...!!!
posted on: 06-03-14 @ 4:07 PM

in a way Justin Bieber is just like a nigger. a worthless pile of shit with no talent whatsoever and no contribution to society. wigger
posted on: 06-03-14 @ 7:22 PM

So the man is watching NFL and yells "bitch! Get me a beer". "Get it yourself" is the reply. At halftime he yells "bitch, make me a sammich!". "Make your own fuckin' sammich" is her retort. "Sounds like you don't wanna see me around for a few days" he says. "Maybe I don't asshole". Next day she wakes up and doesn't see him. A day later she doesn't see him at all. On the third day her left eye opened just enough. ... Does this mean I hate women?
posted on: 06-03-14 @ 8:23 PM

Agreed its never what you say, but how you say it. But that being said you can say anything you want in this world but if you are a famous or known person it may cost you financially. Also a n joke from Beiber is a non issue. If I heard that same joke from a person of power in our government or something it would make me think. It would be like Obama telling cracker jokes. People would loose their minds!!!!!
posted on: 06-03-14 @ 10:13 PM

Who cares. My wife didn’t make me a sandwich before she went to work and I’m pissed.
posted on: 06-04-14 @ 4:50 AM