The Perfect Amount

on 06.05.2014

I've put a lot of research in to this and I've concluded that at this point in my life, 3 beers is the perfect amount for me. It's just enough to give me a nice little buzz and lets me wake up feeling just fine. It's easy to say I'll just have 1 or 2, but that never actually happens. And 4 feels great, but I if I drink 4 then 5 and 6 are inevitable. The line between 6 and 7 is also the line between me not feeling good in the morning and me feeling like shit in the morning. But regardless of how many beers go down, a burrito should always follow. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Yea you would like a big fat burrito after getting drunk huh
posted on: 06-05-14 @ 5:26 PM

1/2 a liter of vodka.
posted on: 06-05-14 @ 5:46 PM

Jug of Crown Royal every weekend. The one with the handle. Some times break in to a second one on Sunday. Who am I trying to kid,,, Most always a second one!
posted on: 06-05-14 @ 6:13 PM

"the 3 beer buzz" You invented that? Are you sure that’s your final answer?
posted on: 06-05-14 @ 6:52 PM

One thing about it, after a dozen beers and a burrito, there will be plenty of chunks in the puke.
posted on: 06-05-14 @ 7:09 PM

Every night.
posted on: 06-05-14 @ 8:27 PM

I can barely drink one beer but I have no problem downing 12 shots of Bacardi within an hour.
posted on: 06-05-14 @ 9:54 PM

angry orchards hard cider and a genness, dump both bottles into one big ass glass. best mixed beer you will ever drink!!
posted on: 06-05-14 @ 11:00 PM

5 shots of 100 proof southern comfort and i’m raedy to fuck any chick thats ever been on the "would you hit it?" list.
posted on: 06-05-14 @ 11:03 PM

When I was younger I could go out and drink 8-10 beers/drinks in an evening and wake up feeling a little tired but not bad. Now that number is more like 3 or 4.
posted on: 06-06-14 @ 8:53 AM