Those 4 Special Words

on 06.12.2014

I'll tell you what the best four words a lady friend can say to you are. "I got my period." Especially after you've been waiting a few days to hear them. The new found sense of freedom they bring is almost worth all the stress and anxiety that come prior. Nothing will crush all your hopes and dreams in a heartbeat like a baby. So here's to one more month of not being a daddy! --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
That’s great Adam,,,,,,, Why the fuck weren’t you using something to begin with? Dummy! That would have been a hard lesson learned.
posted on: 06-12-14 @ 3:41 PM

Fuck you Adam!!
posted on: 06-12-14 @ 3:54 PM

just because you, adam, crushed your dad’s dreams and hopes when you were born , doesn’t mean it’s the way we feel.... Besides, your boyfriend can’t get pregnant.
posted on: 06-12-14 @ 4:40 PM

Pulling out is definitely a good idea! Never trust the bitch when she says "I'm on the pill"
posted on: 06-12-14 @ 4:41 PM

Adam H.
You are one presumptuous motherfucker, goodster. And incorrect as always.
posted on: 06-12-14 @ 4:53 PM

Those are the BEST four words? You’d rather hear her say "I got my period" instead of "Let’s go and fuck"?
posted on: 06-12-14 @ 5:13 PM

You really didn’t elaborate that much in your post/blog. When you say "Lady Friend" most people assume you mean "the chick I’m getting it on with". So you can see the confusion. and SO SORRY FOR ASSUMING!
posted on: 06-12-14 @ 5:24 PM

Much more dangerous words from a woman are "trust me."
posted on: 06-12-14 @ 5:39 PM

my favorite to hear are "mind if i swallow?"
posted on: 06-12-14 @ 5:47 PM

That sweet, sweet relief is just awsome. Believe it or not it's even sweeter to hear when you already have some kids. Keep living the dream for all us tied down motherfuckers Adam!
posted on: 06-12-14 @ 5:57 PM

My favorite four words to hear from a chick is, " Do you do anal?".
posted on: 06-12-14 @ 6:03 PM

"My tubes are tied" Is still the hottest thing my wife has ever told me.
posted on: 06-12-14 @ 6:27 PM

^what about, "suck on my ass."?
posted on: 06-12-14 @ 11:35 PM

One of the best experiences you can have. Don't know how old you are but settling down and raising kids, personally has been more fulfilling than any other thing that I've ever done. It might seem like it would kill your life, but it just opens a up different life. Try it when you are ready to slow down, you won't regret it. Nobody on this earth will ever love you like your kids will if you do right by them.
posted on: 06-13-14 @ 12:11 AM

Very true HJ... Very true...
posted on: 06-13-14 @ 1:09 AM

Damn I guess Adam took home that hag flight attendent from yesterday ... hope he's alright
posted on: 06-13-14 @ 1:23 AM

Well, his ass is bleeding....so you are safe for another month.
posted on: 06-13-14 @ 8:22 AM

I honestly thought Adam was Gay!
posted on: 06-13-14 @ 9:16 AM