BBQ Pork Time

on 06.14.2014

I've been up every few hours smoking two pork shoulders. I got them on at about 9 pm last night, and have kept it at about 225 until about 2pm this afternoon. The one thing I can't right is, the going out ever few hours to put more charcoal on the fire. I try to get it so the unlit coals just kiss the lit coals. Then have other unlit coals touching other unlits, so they start to light slowly. But for some reason, that shit doesn't work so hot. Anyone have any advice on how to keep your coals burning for more than say 4 hours. -Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Pour a liter of vodka mixed with gasoline over them.
posted on: 06-14-14 @ 2:11 PM

get a treager
posted on: 06-14-14 @ 2:16 PM

Cory H.
@dog66, I’d never heard of them. Nice. traegergrills/shop/detail/BBQ055#.U5ySDvldV1E
posted on: 06-14-14 @ 2:19 PM

What a shitty update ... where the fuck is WICS.
posted on: 06-14-14 @ 2:30 PM

Try shutting the flue down a little more, if you haven’t already. Or dampen your coals down a little. Only a little though.
posted on: 06-14-14 @ 2:37 PM

soak some wood chips in water. wrap in foil, poke holes in foil place over top of coals. Mesquite wood is the best unfortunately charcoal burns at a steady rate. You can buy a special charcoal like they use in the Green Egg. If you like to BBQ out, you should look into the green egg!
posted on: 06-14-14 @ 2:58 PM

reduce the air supply to the fire. and why use charcoal, use apple, oak or plum wood
posted on: 06-14-14 @ 3:39 PM

I’m sorry, but your post doesn’t fit the spirit of the site.
posted on: 06-14-14 @ 5:20 PM

To put more heat in my BBQ I wear my Mother Fucking Ball Shorts. Ask a Lame question get a Lame response. @ ouch is a bigger fag.
posted on: 06-14-14 @ 7:20 PM

I just add coals little by little to the already burning coals
posted on: 06-14-14 @ 10:33 PM

Do like I do and have your fucking wife check it every 4 hours and if it goes out whip her fucking ass.
posted on: 06-15-14 @ 3:31 AM

While I sit back with a beer of course.
posted on: 06-15-14 @ 3:34 AM

if im going to smoke all night. i start at 10pm and then at midnight i light an entire bag of kingsford in a seperate grill with the dampner almost shut so it burns real slow, then the next time i come out to check it i just scoop a bunch of the fresh coals into the smoker. wastes alot of coal but your check time is cut in half, so you can go back to jumping the old lady!
posted on: 06-15-14 @ 10:29 AM