Are Zoo's Truly Evil?

on 06.16.2014

Quick Note: Sorry for the late update. Jeff didn't let me know that he couldn't do the updates, so I had to leave the lake on my BIRTHDAY to come in and get them going. --Jay...Take it away Jeff: When finding the video of the walrus servicing himself I noticed all the shit talking about how zoos are terrible and need to be closed etc. Why do people say this about all zoos? Yes there are some zoos that are very cramped and don’t provide large spans of area for the animals that need it and some are abused, but I feel they are safer on the whole. For instance they’re pretty sure the black rhino is gone from this world outside of captivity due to poaching. Are they all that safe outside with our terrible asses fucking up their habitats? Also some might say they are bored and just lay around. In the case of this walrus it looks like he’s doing more than most walrus’s do. Almost every video you see of them they are either laid out on some shore or fighting. What are you guy’s thoughts? --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Zoo's are just like project housing.
posted on: 06-16-14 @ 6:26 PM

Happy birthday you fuckos. You all belong in the fucking zoo. As do we all.
posted on: 06-16-14 @ 6:35 PM

Zoos... for people to lazy to go out side.
posted on: 06-16-14 @ 6:45 PM

im pretty sure 2indastimk fucked a walrus once, but as we all know he prefers his goats.
posted on: 06-16-14 @ 7:11 PM

I think, "In this zoo you should put the walrus to sleep!"
posted on: 06-16-14 @ 8:09 PM

Walrus? They suck. Hahaha.... ♫And happy fuckin’ birthday, you’re not special ♫....
posted on: 06-16-14 @ 11:18 PM

Happy birthday...or not whatever!
posted on: 06-17-14 @ 3:29 AM

zoos and cruelty- very interesting topic. about as interesting as this mole on my ass.
posted on: 06-17-14 @ 4:42 AM

^^I have nothing to do with your ass...you fucking backdoor pocket pirate
posted on: 06-17-14 @ 10:53 AM