Call The Hotline

on 06.20.2014

888-868-4690. Call that mother fucker. Leave a message. Tell us a joke. Then be included in the Week in Crazyshit! It's that simple, we want to hear from you! I'm being honest here, we really do want to hear from you! 888-868-4690 Call! --Jay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I very rarely listen to the phone calls at the end of WIC. I have a hard time understanding anything you degenerates say.
posted on: 06-20-14 @ 2:07 PM

can i reverse the charges
posted on: 06-20-14 @ 3:21 PM

Jay D.
@treehouse21 that is some of the fun...no?
posted on: 06-20-14 @ 4:19 PM

@Jay D. Well....It sure makes me feel a lot better about my own slurry, stammering voice.
posted on: 06-20-14 @ 5:38 PM

I called a pizza instead. Maybe tomorrow..
posted on: 06-20-14 @ 10:10 PM

yeah, i’ll call that motherfucker. we’re gonna see what’s what. we’ll see who’s really crazy around here. i’ll call you with my breath stinking of young cunt. matter of fact, i’ll call you a motherfucking cunt. i’ll call you motherfucking mom, bro. i’m calling everyone out. fuck the lot of ’em.
posted on: 06-21-14 @ 6:39 AM

^take a lude make the call and chill da fuck out on jays momma or he’ll bitch slap ya with the ban hammer so hard your grand kids will be born with a dent in their forhead!
posted on: 06-22-14 @ 8:38 PM