A Damn Fine Burrito

on 06.24.2014

When I don't have anything on my mind to blog about, I go back to the basics. Eating, shitting and jerking off. So today I'd like to take a minute to give thanks for California burritos. I've been enjoying carne asada burritos for as long as I can remember, but somebody had the simple idea of putting french fries inside a carne asada burrito, and calling it a California burrito. I recently started eating them, and they are fucking delicious. And I'm not really that big of a french fry fan. You definitely want to be stocked up on toilet paper when you eat them. Guess what I'm having for lunch, bitches. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
adams having a cockmeat sandwich for lunch
posted on: 06-24-14 @ 3:21 PM

^^And he’s washing it down with a nice protein shake.
posted on: 06-24-14 @ 3:43 PM

I thought just putting some avocado on anything makes it "Californian"... Like adding black beans and corn to something makes it "Santa Fe"...you're eating French burritos.
posted on: 06-24-14 @ 5:14 PM

I’m jealous,,, In New England, it’s rare to find a GOOD taco joint.. Taco hell doesn’t count but it does the trick in a pinch.
posted on: 06-24-14 @ 7:03 PM

Shut the fuck up
posted on: 06-24-14 @ 9:51 PM

i have not found a taco bender with the sweat off my ass anyplace in michigan!! last time i had god colon cleaning food was 1998 in jaurez mexico! i’d kill for a real fucking buritto!
posted on: 06-24-14 @ 10:19 PM

they’re called freedom fries, you liberal, commie jew. and may god- a blond haired baby jesus -bless ’murica forever.
posted on: 06-25-14 @ 5:32 AM

That is a strange way to find yourself a real job!... Good f*ckin’ luck!
posted on: 06-25-14 @ 9:34 AM