A Scenic Hike

on 06.29.2014

I saw some crazy shit yesterday. I was hiking my way back down the mountain when I heard some squealing tires, and looked just in time to see a minivan smash into a Prius. I saw something fly out the window of the Prius, but I was pretty far so I couldn't tell what it was. When the lady realized she was missing something, she went running down the street toward it, screaming her tits off. Naturally I wanted to get a closer look, so I worked my way over there just in time to see her wrapping her dead dog in a blanket. There were a bunch of people standing around crying and what not, but of course I'm completely desensitized and felt no sadness whatsoever. That sucks for her, but that's how shit goes. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
JAY DID YOU READ THIS SHIT? fire his ass for lack of job performance. a prime video could have been posted with one of the crazyshit gods in it. but nooooo adams to busy fuckin around to take his job to the next level!! great job adam next time atleast take a potatoe with you, anything on video is better than nothing. bwahhahaha
posted on: 06-29-14 @ 4:18 PM

i know what you mean about being desensitized and all. the last time i got sucker punched by a black youth, i didn’t even get upset, i just screamed worldstar, then trotted off...*puts on dark shades*
posted on: 06-29-14 @ 9:11 PM

One less Mini Van,Prius and punt puppy in this world. I’m with you Adam.
posted on: 06-29-14 @ 11:45 PM

I’ll preface this bye saying "Sorry Adam for your anguish on your hiking trip.". but things in your "story" just doesn’t mesh.. First...."Hiking my way back down the mountain when I heard some squealing tires, and looked just in time to see a Minivan smash into a Prius!" NOW,, What do you mean bye mountain? Is this an Off-Road Hiking trail? And if so ’one’ why the fuck is there a car(Prius no less) on the side of a "hiking trail" and if this is a "TRAIL" ( maid of dirt/ roots/ and gravel) not tar,,,, than...How did the tires squeal?? Now MAYBE AGAIN I’m being Presumptuous(or how ever you spell it)But be a little clearer in your discriptions PLEASE Advise more ?!?!? And I’m sorry for your lose.
posted on: 06-30-14 @ 12:51 AM

@rockinron You are one sick fuck. Why the hell would you want to watch something like that? My three dogs are my best friends in the world and I would literally die from depression if that happened to one of them. Unlike humans, dogs are loyal and I REALLY wish the administrators would stop posting videos of animals dying and I know for a fact I’m not the only one. Keep posting dead humans though. I’m sure 90% percent of them deserved it. The other 10% being children, rapists and OD’ers. It sucks when that happens.
posted on: 06-30-14 @ 4:29 AM

Oh shit, I didn’t mean to type rapists! I meant rape victims. My bad.
posted on: 06-30-14 @ 4:35 AM

The van smashed into the prius. So it wasnt prius bitch’s fault her dog died. That fucking sucks. Nice sad fucking story bro.
posted on: 06-30-14 @ 10:56 AM

Adam’s scenic hike revisited: I saw some crazy shit yesterday. I was hiking my way out of my bedroom to the bathroom for my monthly bath (because my mom said if I’m not clean I won’t have any Dr.Ballard on my two slices of bread) when two flying saucers flew right above the toilet and one of them told me in greek: "Eat your own head or we’ll flush you down the toilet" then I got scared the shit-out and shitted my pants. I did’nt even got a hard-on! That’s some crazy shit.
posted on: 06-30-14 @ 11:16 AM