How Was Your Holiday?

on 07.05.2014

Did all you Americans have a good holiday? Did you eat lots of unhealthy and delicious food? Did you drink lots of beer and piss yourself? Did you get in a big fight with a family member? Did you blow your hand off with some fireworks? Those are all good American things to do. If you didn't do any of them, see how many you can check off the list today. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Had a great day, Spent the day with the Family. Shot off a "Few" (couple hundred) rounds of .223, .22, 9m, 12,20 gauge, and a few more oddball cals., drank some Crown Royal, a little Vodka, and blew-off some fireworks. all-in-all... It was a great day.
posted on: 07-05-14 @ 3:37 PM

I only drank two light beers and a rum and coke. Did even get a buzz. My mom’s HIGHLY intoxicated best friend congratulated me for finally going into remission and then insisted on giving me a very long back rub while bawling her eyes out. Yeah. That pretty much sums up my night.
posted on: 07-05-14 @ 4:29 PM

Even know I’m an Aussie I had a great day, I had a BBQ and drank a lot of beer, Had a spa with 2 sexy curvy females who fucked my brains out and I got to smash them doggie style while one was eating out the others pussy then I rang a bell and they switched positions. They fucked me and each other all night so Here I sit today hung over fully fucked and no Jizz left in reserve Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi
posted on: 07-05-14 @ 6:53 PM

@treehouse21 you had a better time then anyone
posted on: 07-05-14 @ 6:58 PM

Lonely.... no wife no family but I’m alive (barely).
posted on: 07-05-14 @ 7:03 PM

@dozer67 Come here and let me fix that for you lol
posted on: 07-05-14 @ 9:49 PM

Rode my Harley to Billerica Mass. few beers and set off some fireworks. Then I’m going to fuck my wife !
posted on: 07-05-14 @ 10:16 PM

@dozer67 damn, you just blew my high with that depressing peak into your bereaved life. jesus, man, you could write for the goddamn lifetime channel. you ol’ tear-jerker, you ;)
posted on: 07-06-14 @ 5:45 AM

I worked you assholes. I then went home, did a few shots, took a shit and went to bed.
posted on: 07-06-14 @ 11:25 AM

sat by a bon-fire with my family, drank hard rootbeer and angry orchard. then the sun went down and my son shot his motyher inlaw in the head with a rocket from 30 feet away! funny as hell except his mother inlaw was holding my grandson on her lap! knocked her for a fucking loop but the kid was fine. the rock ricocheted off her forehead and blew up in a tree. she got a small cut but all in all she was fine. it wasn’t the worst part of the night though, the worst part was i didnt get any of it on fucking camera for crazyshit god damnit!!!
posted on: 07-06-14 @ 11:37 AM