Slap 'Em Up

on 07.13.2014

I think there should be some kind of law that you get a certain amount of bitch slaps per year that you can use on whoever you want, whenever you want. Some people will deserve to use more slaps than others, and some none at all. I haven't put much thought into how to determine the amount each person should get yet. I just know that I would love to slap the fuck out of some people from time to time, and I'm sure you would too. It would probably help keep assholes in check too, if they thought they might get bitched slapped at any moment. What are your thoughts? --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Great idea! Except I was thinking more along the lines of packing a potato gun full of poo and shooting it at people. You get 1 crowd shot and 3 separate individuals a year but it has to be your poo- if not than from a woman that weighs more than 350lbs
posted on: 07-13-14 @ 4:38 PM

I would use my yearly allowance of slaps on my ex-wife in about 5.647294 seconds.
posted on: 07-13-14 @ 4:49 PM

i’d sell my bitch slaps, i hate way to many people and any amount i would allowed wouldn’t be enough.
posted on: 07-13-14 @ 5:02 PM

there is already allowance for this in place. it only cost money and a little of your time. thats only if you get caught. sometimes it doesnt even get reported.
posted on: 07-13-14 @ 5:13 PM

Adam it's called domestic violence. Unless you're not familiar with the Constitution your Muslim
posted on: 07-13-14 @ 6:31 PM

^neg away obamabots
posted on: 07-13-14 @ 6:40 PM

It was called "the rule of thumb". You couldn’t hit your old lady with anything larger in diameter them your thumb.
posted on: 07-13-14 @ 6:45 PM

I’d wanna bitch slap all of you, then go for make up sex later on when the swelling went down. Crazy Crackers Pow pOw poW!
posted on: 07-13-14 @ 7:27 PM

The biggest bitch around here is you Adam. Every time you open your mouth your pissing and moaning about something. Shut the fuck up and just do your job, bitch.
posted on: 07-13-14 @ 11:26 PM

Bitch slaps are for bitches. I would prefer bitch shots, midline, upper torso. Only requirement, 9mm or larger.
posted on: 07-14-14 @ 9:59 AM

Id rather bastred slap crack whores who hate ketchup and mustard and leave their appartment unattend.....just saying...
posted on: 07-15-14 @ 12:17 AM