Bat Vs. Golf Club

on 07.20.2014

The thought had struck me last night. If shit went down outside my front door, what would I use to beat the living hell out of someone. The decision came down to two options, a baseball bat or a golf club. To be more specific, a wooden bat, and a nine iron. Which would you choose, if you had to whoop someoneís ass with a weapon? I feel like the golf club is almost a one shot deal. If you hit someone with the head, itís one and done. But if you miss with the head, and hit the person with the shaft, the club will bend, and possibly break. Now a bat is a consistent weapon. Even if you donít hit the assailant with the sweat spot, they are still getting hit with a bat. But you may not be able to get the swing speed like a golf club. My vote goes towards the baseball bat. How about you? óJay

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Bat is better. If you over strike with the golf club you bend the rod. Pointed broken rod with handle makes a nice shank.
posted on: 07-20-14 @ 11:03 AM

Get a gun...enough said...As far as blunt weapons get a thick wall pipe of good diameter that you can grip good but not too long or short and fill 3 inches of the tip with concrete and make a nice duct tape grip on it, drill a small hole under the grip for small loop of leather at the end so it can't be taken from you..enjoy. Mole
posted on: 07-20-14 @ 11:40 AM

never swing a bat in a fight always jab with it. you will hit the target everytime. where as f you swing they see it coming and can dodge it.
posted on: 07-20-14 @ 11:46 AM

Be a man and use your goddamn fists.
posted on: 07-20-14 @ 12:12 PM

Quite screwing around with the married bitchs and you won't have have to worry about it .
posted on: 07-20-14 @ 2:20 PM

neither jay get a axe handle fiberglass or oak, they swing faster and are just as deadly as a baseball bat...also if you get the curved type they are easier to swing in close quarters.
posted on: 07-20-14 @ 3:25 PM

Out of those 2 choices I would pick the bat. But that being said years ago I was standing next to a guy who got hit squarely in the head with an aluminum bat. By the sound of it you would think it killed him, but it just staggered him he never even hit the ground and he continued fighting.
posted on: 07-20-14 @ 3:45 PM

Of the two choices, a bat would be the way to go. If you swing the club and hit with anything but the club head it’s a useless blow. A bat is going to hurt not matter where you connect. If it comes down to needing to swing a deadly object I’ll stick with throwing lead from across the room and avoid the close quarters altogether
posted on: 07-20-14 @ 4:47 PM

Cory H.
Baseball bat for sure, but I also have one of the Bear Grylls Parangs.
posted on: 07-20-14 @ 6:28 PM

It would have to be the bat.
posted on: 07-20-14 @ 7:06 PM

Neither. In the eyes of the law here in Australia a torch is not a weapon. So I have a 6 cell maglite. Legal loopholes are awesome to play with.
posted on: 07-20-14 @ 7:51 PM

Only thing about a nine iron, do you wear your spiked golf shoes, nikkers, and a pink golf shirt all the time to get your swing right. I say the bat.
posted on: 07-20-14 @ 8:32 PM

A bat is more structually sound with less chance of breaking.....and makes a much nicer wall orniment to tell your grand kids the wonderful story of you smashing in someones skull cause you mistook grandma for an intrer.
posted on: 07-21-14 @ 12:34 AM

posted on: 07-21-14 @ 12:47 AM

Of the two choices, bat. In agreement with the large Mag-Lite, though. However, reality is that a shotgun is the preferred and most responsible close-quarters weapon.
posted on: 07-21-14 @ 10:03 AM