Start Placing Your Bets

on 07.21.2014

The more I read on the whole Russia and Ukraine shit the more I'm convinced WW3 is about to go down. I just read last week Russia are in talks with Cuba on reopening the spy bases from the Cold War. So what I'm wanting to know is what do you think will happen, and who do you think will prevail? With us being so broke from our last decade of war I fear we can't survive any type or major war. Especially from a equal powered country, as well as the fact the majority of the world hates us. --Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
What the hell makes you think Russia is an equally powered country? The U.S. has spent the last 20 years developing new technology to play war while Russia has spent the last 20 years trying to feed it’s people to prevent revolution.
posted on: 07-21-14 @ 1:17 PM

Either way we're fucked
posted on: 07-21-14 @ 1:35 PM

Welp history always repeats itself. Everyone is in a recession and how do the governments like to fix that problem and cull the excess population? Start a war and send every poor fucks kids to die.
posted on: 07-21-14 @ 1:41 PM

@cthulu that’s a little bit of a stretch. Spending money on war may seem to help the economy, but the money is coming from somewhere, as in our taxes. As far as culling the population there are over 300 million people in this country....how many people do you think we would loose in a war? War is high tech now, not going to see the hand to hand combat and death tolls from 70 years ago.
posted on: 07-21-14 @ 2:40 PM

There's several government agencies that that nobody knows about for security, weapons manufacturing, aeronautics, intelligence... That's why our taxes are just about as high as a socialist country. Nobody else on this planet has the weapons technology that we do. If there's a WW3 we will only be attacked if it benefits our political propaganda and and to generate money from the federal reserve for the people that already have way too much money. Worst case for the general public is an enemy air strike and a another draft.
posted on: 07-21-14 @ 2:44 PM

Pft WW3. good luck with that.
posted on: 07-21-14 @ 7:08 PM

our navy is the biggest in the world. we have more nuclear subs than any 2 countrys on earth! our subs can destroy our planet in under 8 hours and thats not an exaggeration! our men on the ground are the hardest trained and most well equiped on earth. just remember jeff we went into ww2 with biplanes and half a navy! 4 years later we had destroyed the worlds 2 largest empires at the time! iraq and afganistan were just minor scuffles as far as useing our supplys up. don’t worry about the usa, if russia starts to irrate us we may lose a few thousand troops and a few planes but we will own their borsch eating asses in less than 2 years ! garunteed!
posted on: 07-21-14 @ 7:45 PM

posted on: 07-21-14 @ 10:21 PM

Did you know that our own OSS (pre-CIA) trained Ho Chi Minh?
posted on: 07-21-14 @ 10:21 PM

+1 to rockinron.....fuck Russia....now we need a president with some balls like Reagan!!!!
posted on: 07-21-14 @ 11:45 PM

@rockinron You don’t think China would come to Russia’s aid? We get most of our funding from them. That would all completely stop if we were to go to war with Russia.
posted on: 07-22-14 @ 12:08 AM