It's Coming

on 07.27.2014

I know some of you are going through withdrawals and cursing me about not having a Week In Crazyshit posted yet. Well fuck you too. But don't get your panties in too much of a bunch. It's coming soon. At least before I go to bed tonight. I've been a busy honkie lately. But you fuckers can help out with the Week In Crazyshit too. Send us an intro. We've had some pretty good user intros in the past. Kill Kenny, Frank Drebin, Thoward and the Truckingman are some I can remember. So get involved with your community. Make a difference. Do it now. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Pay to work for you? Who do you think you are? Bill Gates? LOL
posted on: 07-27-14 @ 3:16 PM

Since there isn’t any WICS yet I was tempted to check out the censored media for news. You know, the networks that deal with real and important issues of the world like what Kim Kardashian wore today. Where Miley Cyrus is showing off her bewbs, or how Lindsay Lohan is missing yet another court date. I came across a very intresting article where nerdy sluts are complaining about sexual harrasment at comic con. I just don’t get it, and by that I mean the whole thing where misfits get together and celebrate there social awkwardness. I’m glad I’m a normal person and only visit socially acceptable places in real life and online. Places like crazyshit for example. On another note what is up with these whiny nerdy slut bitches. They dress up like superhero hos and sluts and expect sex starved idiots who know know more about star wars and hobbits than their way around a nice juicy vagina not to drool over them and turn into horny hobbits when they show up half naked to their reject convention. What do you guys think about this?
posted on: 07-27-14 @ 3:27 PM

^women don’t have to make sense. That’s why we loose arguments with them.^
posted on: 07-27-14 @ 5:25 PM

Been there done that, will do another one.
posted on: 07-27-14 @ 5:57 PM

i do the crazyshit news now. so i do think i have volunteered enough to help make the wics a better place to ponder life.
posted on: 07-27-14 @ 6:28 PM

WICS- Fuck y'all rite in the pussy!!! Fuck it! Everybody just go slap a bitch...
posted on: 07-28-14 @ 12:03 AM

Do intros have to involve beaner food such as tacos, burritos & shit alike? What happened to grounded beef, corn & mashed potatoes?
posted on: 07-28-14 @ 2:46 PM