So Much Sugar

on 07.30.2014

I'm playing with the idea of going a week without consuming any foods that have sugar added to them. I'm curious to see how much different I would feel. But the problem is that practically every fucking thing has sugar added to it. I'm not even sure what I could eat besides fruits and vegetables. That shit will be tough, cause this honkie has a sweet tooth like a motherfucker. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Fruits and vegetables have sugar in them also
posted on: 07-30-14 @ 2:58 PM

Eat pussies...
posted on: 07-30-14 @ 3:13 PM

I didn’t know baby batter had suger in it.
posted on: 07-30-14 @ 3:49 PM

How bout layin off the Mexy food,,, I’m sure your intestines will thank you a hole lot more.
posted on: 07-30-14 @ 3:53 PM

Here it’s mandatory to write all of the ingredients on the packaging, with the nutrition value, candies to a can of creamed corn. Pratically everything, freah meat, fruits & veggies don’t, if they are’nt modified (sliced, diced, canned.. -ex: fruit salad is modified goods.) It’s a right -by law- to have access to such information, and it’s applicable for the restaurants/fast-food as well.. Check this: McDonald’s, to ’bypass’ this law, the company preparing their meat is called "100% beef" so the consumers feel safe and don’t ask any questions..
posted on: 07-30-14 @ 4:18 PM

Try bloody tampons, they're rich in iron protein and random ass minerals
posted on: 07-30-14 @ 4:20 PM

All processed shit is gonna fuck you up. Try making stuff with brown sugar
posted on: 07-30-14 @ 4:23 PM

I went to buy a can of delmonte peas the other day... ingredients: peas, water, sugar. Who the fuck puts sugar in canned vegetables? People wonder why everyone is so goddamn fat.
posted on: 07-30-14 @ 4:24 PM

I guess this means that you’ll have to stop fucking yourself in the ass with a candy cane.
posted on: 07-30-14 @ 5:26 PM

the Atkins, cave man, high protein low carb, diet. it has many names if followed correctly you can loose 10-20lbs in the 1st week. depending on your weight. I didn’t have a scale, but had to tighten my belt a notch in 4 days
posted on: 07-30-14 @ 6:50 PM

To Jay; What's with the pop up ads today on android using the mobile site? Every second post its redirecting me to some other fucking spam website. Me personally if this continues I will stop coming here because its very annoying. Just something to consider. Have a nice day.
posted on: 07-30-14 @ 7:18 PM

Hitler’s could never get away from sugar. Had way too much in his tank.
posted on: 07-30-14 @ 7:21 PM

eat frozen bag veggies and fresh meats for a weak no sauces or breads.
posted on: 07-30-14 @ 7:59 PM

@ the aristocrat, and Jay, and Adam, I'm having same problem.
posted on: 07-30-14 @ 8:53 PM

Having the pop up probs too but it will never deter me from CS. CSFL bitches
posted on: 07-30-14 @ 10:22 PM