Ninja Turtles

on 07.31.2014

Most of us here grew up on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and now a new movie is coming out this August. I was pretty excited to take my kid to go see it, until I realized it's PG-13. My guy is only 4 and I'm not sure what the PG-13 is all about from the TMNT, but I don't need my kid having anymore ideas about killing stuff, or kicking me in the balls as some sort of karate move. But are you going to go out and see it? Maybe wait until it is released from the theaters and download it? --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Only if April sucks off splinter
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 2:24 PM

Remember when some kids were missing, they went in the sewer hoping to find those turtles? I wonder if these fools are still alive and if so, how they made it this far without any sense of logic..
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 2:44 PM

I'll wait till it comes out on netfuck
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 2:58 PM

I planned on taking my 5 year old, but I didn't know it was PG13. Seems like that would eliminate a lot of their viewing audience. I'm really curious what makes it PG13. What was the first TMNT movies rated?
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 3:05 PM

My question about TMNT is why do they wear masks? Is that to cover their identity ? How many 6 foot turtle people are there?
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 3:33 PM

And Jay just buy yourself a cup to protect your nuts.
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 3:37 PM

PG-13 Apparently they show some turtle ass in there somewhere.
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 4:18 PM

Wake me up when the adult mutant ninja Turtles movie comes out.
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 4:39 PM

It’s rated pg13 because Megan Fux plays April O’Neill. Nuff said.
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 5:18 PM

Download and watch it on your big ass mother fucking TV and spend the money on a nut cup and popcorn
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 6:14 PM

Anything Bay does is crap. So no, i wont see it ever.
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 6:21 PM

@solidbriscoe Megan Foxx ass..
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 6:39 PM

just wait 9 yrs
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 6:42 PM

@dozer67, obviously u don't get the joke, which makes u even a dumber ass!!! CSFL bitches
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 7:30 PM

Go on YOUTUBE and search Teenage Mutant Nigger Turttles. I’m not sure what that rating is? But I’ll bet it will make this new movie seem like a PIXAR film!
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 10:14 PM

fuck the ninja turtle. my nuts have been recovering for close to 15 years now, from my oldests sons infatuation with the fucking power rangers!
posted on: 07-31-14 @ 10:47 PM

I think Jay...you are the parent and technology obviously has grown since our "Ninja Turtle" days...he will see and know the crap of the world in time but he is only 4 years old.....you are in controle of his destiny....mold him as you wish... as the best father you can be....the internet will only sour his purity......as this site has done to so many (though I love it cause I’m a sick fuck too)..try something other than the " main stream" BS....or "CS"....just a long winded thought from dullfeathers......a.k.a. shinneyfeathers....hate me bitches! Shout out to Dozer, ouch, wickedwendy...haven’t seen her?...K.K....Rockin R...Truckinman...so many more.....live long C.S.!!!!
posted on: 08-01-14 @ 12:14 AM

@sbohica I know a joke it’s you and If for one second you think I don’t get the joke, your a dumb unfunny shit like your out of date Arsenio Hall avatar...
posted on: 08-02-14 @ 9:17 PM