Sushi Shits

on 08.02.2014

I went for an all you can sushi lunch the other day and fucking killed it. This place has some pretty gourmet shit too. After about 6 or 7 rolls plus a bunch of sides, I was pretty fucking full. It was all good except that I went straight to hang out with a chick before taking a good shit. I would have dumped at the restaurant, but some nasty motherfucker left shit stains on the seat. I didn't want to crap at her place cause it's pretty small and she for sure would have heard and smelled it. We haven't crossed that bridge yet. So I bottled it up for several hours and when I finally got home, that shit was mighty explosive. I bet I could have sprayed it a good 10 feet or so. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Sometimes holding in a good shit like that for awhile will make it just that much better when you finally do go. A good thorough power shit, not one that is forced or leaves you feeling like you’re not quite done.
posted on: 08-02-14 @ 3:39 PM

There's nothin like holding back a pringles can and trying to bone at the same time. It happened to me and it actually helped me last more that 45 seconds
posted on: 08-02-14 @ 3:46 PM

I think you’re dying dude. Only other sea life should eat that much raw fish at one time.
posted on: 08-02-14 @ 3:48 PM

What I love are those bubble ass shits! U gotta air bubble-6to8 inch turd-air bubble-10inch plus turd! Fart, splash, bigger fart, bigger splash. And the smile that slowly grows across ur face and a little laugh.....Priceless!!! CSFL bitches
posted on: 08-02-14 @ 4:37 PM

I hope you get parasites you full of shit mother fucker
posted on: 08-02-14 @ 5:16 PM

Jay D.
@eat3beans I might try to imagine holding in a pringle sized shit ext time I get it on. Thanks for the laugh!
posted on: 08-02-14 @ 6:51 PM

Man up and crap at her house then have her lick your ass clean. How else you going to get a chick to post her CS bOObs here? and where is your rate my shit pic? Fucking hell Adam do us members have to all your work?
posted on: 08-02-14 @ 7:01 PM

to ^^Do^^^^ all your work
posted on: 08-02-14 @ 7:14 PM

Side note bro: cop that shot the dog in the gated, locked backyard while looking for a kid (later found in his own home) has been cleared. Dept policy allows them to kill your dog if they come into your yard with no warrant. THE KID WAS AT HOME. ARREST THE PARENTS.
posted on: 08-02-14 @ 7:31 PM

damn dude just pull a dumber and dumber and go blow the chicks porcelin god all to hell! if she gets all pissy about it tell her you wiped your ass on her curtains. if she don’t get all pissy then go hide the curtains, and buy a gross of condoms!
posted on: 08-02-14 @ 9:20 PM

U sure shit the bed on the week in crazyshit...
posted on: 08-02-14 @ 10:24 PM

Wow,,this is quite the filoso"fecal" question you have posed here Adam... To Shit or Not to Shit,, That is the question!
posted on: 08-03-14 @ 12:29 AM

You could have found a clean bathroom somewhere else on the way over there.
posted on: 08-03-14 @ 6:21 AM

All of the above! LOL!!!
posted on: 08-03-14 @ 4:08 PM

Cross that bridge already. Fuk if she doesn't know u fart. Let one rip and look at her and say.. Your turn babe.. Shit on my chest u crooked bitch!!
posted on: 08-05-14 @ 3:40 PM