Rainy Day

on 08.03.2014

I learned something from a friend this weekend. He says to avoid the ocean while it's raining because all the runoff that gets dumped in there can get you sick. He says this because he fingered a chick in the ocean one day and she got some pussy infection. That could be why. But it also could be because she's a filthy slut. Either way, maybe you shouldn't get fingered in the ocean on a rainy day. Just to be safe. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
so stay out of the ocean and do WICS :-)
posted on: 08-03-14 @ 4:33 PM

One time I caught a loaf of bread in the ocean
posted on: 08-03-14 @ 4:50 PM

ocean is beautiful but fuck that. fuck sharks. I’ll stick to my lakes. I went jet skiing in the keys one time and I stayed my ass on that thing constantly looking down making sure some motherfucker wasn’t gonna lunge at me LOL. salt water blows anyway. only thing ocean is good for is hardcore surfing.
posted on: 08-03-14 @ 5:06 PM

Thanks I never thought of that..makes a kids pool a cleaner place to swim in.....NOT!! just kidding,saw some 80’s TV today it’s raining outside..
posted on: 08-03-14 @ 6:05 PM

i agree fuck the ocean i got oinjured by a shark back in 97 and have hated that big ass salt water shit pond ever since. only reason i go to the ocean after that was to fish for sharks an kill them. no shit!
posted on: 08-03-14 @ 6:58 PM

@rockinron I have 22 stitches in my upper left leg, 10’ internal 12’ external from a nice bite I got from a small fucking shark while surfing at Bondi back in the 80’s. Here’s a tip for you surfers. when you’re out the back chill’n’ on ya board don’t push ya boardies to the side and push out a turd! apparently these little fukers know when you are vulnerable and go fo ya. now that was a cunt of a paddle back to shore bleeding all the way waiting for its mother to strike. I have never been past waist deep again! oh and for the post never swim after a rain if you like being healthy.
posted on: 08-03-14 @ 7:27 PM

had one run inbetween my legs really fast and when he turned his skin tore of the first 4 layers of my skin on my calf the size of a hand. instant pissed and pain. since then i have killed about 2 dozen or more sharks ranging from 2-3 lbs and 7-8 ft 400 lbs! fuck the ocean. i can swim in a pond much safer!
posted on: 08-04-14 @ 12:14 PM