Hurting Your Cause

on 08.11.2014

As I'm sure all of you have seen the news about the Missouri kid that was gunned down by the cops. Whether he was innocent or not now there will be a sense of injustice that will cloud the court case because people decided to riot and rob stores in “protest”. I mean I understand words and signs do little to actually change a cause in today's America, but living up to stereotypes and causing havoc is no way to go either. Now the judgement is going to be swayed and will most likely be thrown out over time. Good job protesters, hope your free shit brings justice to the world. -- Big Jeff

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
are you realy that surprised, the way your cops act over there getting away with so much shit and all in the name of justice. i’m only surprised it did’nt happen sooner
posted on: 08-11-14 @ 2:28 PM

In my opinion it just gives thugs and punks an opportunity to do more crimes, not that they care about justice or the person who was killed.
posted on: 08-11-14 @ 3:15 PM

posted on: 08-11-14 @ 3:44 PM

What's really gonna start a riot is where are they going to get their 40's after all the looting is done. Maybe don't shit where you eat, just a thought.
posted on: 08-11-14 @ 4:04 PM

look mom a herd of idiots fucking up their own town.
posted on: 08-11-14 @ 4:35 PM

People riot for the stanley cup or the superbowl, so...
posted on: 08-11-14 @ 5:20 PM

I worked with a black man that said that the only reason cops arrest black’s is that white’s don’t like seeing them driving "Benz".
posted on: 08-11-14 @ 5:38 PM

posted on: 08-11-14 @ 6:10 PM

Ever since "Rodney King" this Bullshit been happen like MF" Wild Fire. I hate to say this, but I wish Martin Luther King Jr. was here at least his prosets were peaceful... Sincerely, Robert Hallock the truckingman.
posted on: 08-11-14 @ 6:39 PM

I’m not stealing officer; I’m protesting!
posted on: 08-11-14 @ 7:23 PM

People who riot and loot most of the time don’t even know what they are rioting about. They are simply trying to take advantage of the situation to "come up" Pretty pathetic behavior, and it’s insulting and harmful to those who are actually protesting for their cause peacefully and respectfully.
posted on: 08-11-14 @ 8:14 PM

^^^^Pretty much just what you said Big Jeff.
posted on: 08-11-14 @ 8:19 PM

Everybody ask themselves, does anyone recall a white trash, piece of shit, get shot dead, unarmed, by a black policeman and 2K white people turn out, riot, pillage an plunder?? Why is Africa THE most fucked up nation on the planet? I'm so FUCKING GODDAMN SICK of this race "card" bullshit!!!! Nigger got shot and died! Boo fucking who!! RACISM IS ALIVE AND FLOURISHING IN MY UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BECAUSE OF THE BLACK RACE!!!! END OF STORY!
posted on: 08-12-14 @ 12:30 AM

CSFL bitches
posted on: 08-12-14 @ 12:46 AM

The people who riot don't give a shit about what a protest is for. It's just an opportunity to cause chaos. In the end, the only people satisfied are the trouble makers.
posted on: 08-12-14 @ 1:09 AM

Butt sex
posted on: 08-12-14 @ 5:42 AM

this is no.1 problem where multiracial communities exist. If anything happen to the main race, it is ok but if anything happen to the minorities (BLACK, CHINESE) they will go with RACISM CARD... fuck the minorities
posted on: 08-12-14 @ 7:30 AM