Torn Rotator

on 08.15.2014

A few weeks back, I was riding around on my skateboard when I hit a missing brick in the sidewalk and went flying. I had a direct landing on my right shoulder. All 210 pounds and I wish I had video. Since then, I can't raise my right arm over my shoulders. I have been fighting with the insurance company since to get a MRI, and what a pain in the ass they are. The Dr. already did a ultra sound, and seen a tear in my rotator cuff. Yet they wanted me to do physical therapy. WTF people, shit is broke, no physical therapy is going to fix this. I have this feeling that all health insurance is just a huge scam. --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
The goal of every health insurance company is to make money by keeping you from getting more expensive treatment. Physical therapy in most cases isn’t going to cure any real problem, it’s just there to be a roadblock in the way of getting the treatment you need. They hope you’ll get frustrated with the therapy and quit going so they can deny any further treatment options since you didn’t follow their rules. And don’t forget to fill out your subrogation forms so the insurance company can try and blame every other person and business possible for your injury so they can get out of paying completely.
posted on: 08-15-14 @ 2:18 PM

A nice example of an Obamacare decision.
posted on: 08-15-14 @ 2:57 PM

insurance comanies are the same world wide...they take your money but never want to pay out
posted on: 08-15-14 @ 3:38 PM

All you cum-dribbling faggots who wouldn’t know Physical Therapy from a fisting from your Mom... shut the fuck up. As a therapist, depending on which tendon is ’torn’, how much it’s ’torn’, etc. conservative PT treatment is all that’s needed. If surgery is necessary, PT before the butchery very often means stronger and faster recoveries with less loss of function after. Surgery itself is a trauma. Surgery intrinsically makes ANY tissue less durable, even outright weaker, and especially without post-surgical rehab. Also, ’torn’ includes partial, beginning, full-thickness, and several many other descriptions of a tendon, even some of them meaning no true dysfunction to the tendon or shoulder complex. Regarding the insurance company, they’re still cockmunches: MRI’s and CT scans are the norm and commonly accepted pre-therapy or pre-surgical diagnostic tool and should’ve already been given you.
posted on: 08-15-14 @ 3:46 PM

Walk it off!
posted on: 08-15-14 @ 5:23 PM

What the FUCK was YOUR fat ass doing on a skateboard any way? I’m off similar size and I gave the boardin up years ago. But I agree about the INS. comps.. Also,, That’s Boston and Mass.,,, The BEST highways,roads and sidewalks in the U.S.
posted on: 08-15-14 @ 6:08 PM

Oxycodone is your new friend.
posted on: 08-15-14 @ 7:08 PM

Welcome to the Florida Health Care system it MF" SUCKS!!!! Thank Senator, fromer Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist for this MF" HELL, ASSHOLE!!!
posted on: 08-15-14 @ 8:03 PM

fuck it buy some icee hot and a roll of duct tape and gause you don’t need no stinking doctors!
posted on: 08-15-14 @ 9:01 PM

I hate to be the one to tell you but you are too old and big for a skateboard. Sorry but it happens to all of us.
posted on: 08-15-14 @ 9:54 PM

Sorry Jay you are too old to be skateboarding
posted on: 08-15-14 @ 10:10 PM

Jay D.
never giving up boarding. @pinkdildolickr that is basically what happened to me. After the move in October, my shit was pretty fucked up. Went and seen a Dr, they started me on PT. Pain went away, but not totally. Just gave up on it. Starting training Jui Jistu, skateboarding with my kid, etc. Took a nasty fall, and boom. Back to pain ville. We will see what the MRI says on Monday morning.
posted on: 08-15-14 @ 10:12 PM

YEP IT IS! Fight the power Jay!!!
posted on: 08-15-14 @ 11:02 PM

How is that "Hope and Change" healthcare working out for you?
posted on: 08-15-14 @ 11:38 PM

White people problems.
posted on: 08-16-14 @ 12:13 AM