Attention Bayrat

on 08.29.2014

I hate to use the homepage blog for this, but hey Bayrat, check your email. I have updated your account, and sent you all the info to reset your password. You are calling the hotline (888-868-4690) for help, but we don't answer that phone. You might have to check your spam folder as well. For everyone else, have a great fucking Labor Day weekend bitches! --Jay D.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
FIRST ( sorry, i couldn’t control myself anymore)
posted on: 08-29-14 @ 1:40 PM

Football and Lobster season is coming up. Chips and high fives will happen followed by lobster tacos.
posted on: 08-29-14 @ 2:05 PM

Answer your dam phone you lazy bastards
posted on: 08-29-14 @ 2:59 PM

Thank you Jay. For some reason I'm not getting the e-mail.Just had to rag on you little bit. I'm sure its my fault something I'm not doing right.I'm barely smart enough to get on the innerweb. Much less manipulate it. Fuck it though I have fun.
posted on: 08-29-14 @ 3:47 PM

I dedicate my first round of Crown Royal To RockinRon,, Anybody with me??
posted on: 08-29-14 @ 4:44 PM

^^ All I can afford atm is a cobra 40z... but I’m sure rockinron wasn’t picky
posted on: 08-29-14 @ 5:00 PM

^Nope probably wasn’t! On another note,, Remember the granny that finds out her "Granddaughter is a Lesbo"? Well,,,,, I just found out that the "Lesbo" is in fact my good friend. I shit you not. I have seen the original VHS that this came from. Recorded around 93/94. This is one fine lesbian. I’m gonna try to get her drunk sometime and get a pair of User Boobs for you jerks and jerketts! I’ll keep ya posted.
posted on: 08-29-14 @ 6:22 PM

@ goodster: Pore a shot on the ground for our lost CS brother.
posted on: 08-29-14 @ 6:30 PM

This bud... And beer... And liter of vodky... And wound pussy(yesterday's arm) is for you Ron. Sail well buddy.
posted on: 08-29-14 @ 6:32 PM

Jay I hate to use this page for this but could you please pick up milk and bread I’m hungry and still locked in the fucking basement. only one hand cuff is unlocked and I need to shit! I hope this text message gets out of these 4 foot concrete walls. oh and a sammich would be nice.
posted on: 08-29-14 @ 7:02 PM

^^ You’re such a slitch when you want! Jay, spit in her sammich, if you agreed to get her..
posted on: 08-29-14 @ 7:20 PM

@cellule slitch would have to be the gayest word I have ever Googled! And I look up tranny porn!
posted on: 08-29-14 @ 7:32 PM

why am I not surprised, that you don’t answer the phone
posted on: 08-29-14 @ 7:41 PM

well how can I update my profile I just want to say JLM 77 I even tried changing my name up but it still won't let me what do I do
posted on: 08-29-14 @ 8:19 PM

@jlm77 you are gay lol
posted on: 08-29-14 @ 9:59 PM