Fuck You EBay

on 09.14.2014

Fuck you, eBay. Fuck you and your deceptive prices. It's cool that I can find a wheel for my bike for only $25 but pretty fucking lame that the shipping of that 4 lb box cost $40. I refuse to buy from some deceiving fuckhole who thinks that's a clever way to get people to look at his shit. Fuck you and fuck your mother. --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
and fuck you lazy cunts.....
posted on: 09-14-14 @ 3:53 PM

posted on: 09-14-14 @ 3:58 PM

where’s the wics?.............fuck you
posted on: 09-14-14 @ 4:19 PM

Then get the fuck off eBay and give us the week/month in CS!!! FAGS!!!
posted on: 09-14-14 @ 4:24 PM

Adan , there is a rating system on Ebay. Did you pay $250 for an XBOX, box that it came in? Read the fine print. Like when I paid for 52 WICS; yet I’ve not seen one in weeks." Fuck you and fuck your mother" I believe you typed.
posted on: 09-14-14 @ 4:26 PM

This is why Adam hasn’t posted WICS in a month he’s been too busy riding his bike till he broke the motherfucker.. Adams bike: crazyshit.com/cnt/medias/43320-pedal-faster-and-harder
posted on: 09-14-14 @ 4:30 PM

You cheap fuck !!!
posted on: 09-14-14 @ 4:35 PM

Whining like a lil bitch!!!! I deal with my girl in the real world... Don't need no cry baby, bleeding tampon in the digital world!!! Fuck, where's the WICS FUCKERS?!?! CSFL bitches
posted on: 09-14-14 @ 5:05 PM

Shipping prices are going up after xmas on one of the carriers.. I forget who
posted on: 09-14-14 @ 5:30 PM

Fuck ebay use aliexpress (aliexpress.com/home2.html) & sort it by FREE SHIPPING! I bought a bag of 52 WICS for $10.00 and they all showed up on time!
posted on: 09-14-14 @ 6:06 PM

Adam H.
It’s great to see a bunch of grown men cry about not seeing who I decided gets to be in the top comments of the week. You guys are a bunch of fucking bitches. Hahaha. The WICS is posted now, you whiny little faggots.
posted on: 09-14-14 @ 6:14 PM

^^^ fuck you
posted on: 09-14-14 @ 8:32 PM

@Adam H. I may never get a comment of the week like I used to and I could fucking care less...but getting your ass off your shoulders and taking the time to do your job is all our paying ass members expect to see...better late than never?...fuck that! Where’s my free T shirt?
posted on: 09-14-14 @ 11:51 PM

@Adam H. I gave you a link to a site before I gave you shit you fag so say fucking thank you. Kindest Regards FUCK YOU! lol
posted on: 09-14-14 @ 11:55 PM

Adam, it does feel better when Jay D. does it.(the whole reach around)lol
posted on: 09-15-14 @ 1:12 AM

WOW.. Adam, Where did that come from..Im not a whiny little faggot but you should say you are sorry to the fucking bitches that are.. I hope this is a joke for the whiny little faggots sake, I bet their feelings are hurt...
posted on: 09-15-14 @ 2:20 AM

@longhungwong...fell off my chair laughing at that
posted on: 09-15-14 @ 11:42 AM

Fuck Ebay!
posted on: 09-16-14 @ 7:05 PM